>380CF Sparkles at the Range.

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  1. Today the range was all about the Hi Point in the middle lane. I setup my Caldwell casing collector( I reload) for the capture of the spent casings. I Place My 5x7" target on the 8.5x11.5" background matt and sent the target out to the 35 foot mark. And then the fun began...Group after group in 3" circles as I moved my point of aim at different reference points on the target. After about 100 rounds without a hiccup I was ready to pack up and go for lunch.
    Then I noticed a couple of other shooter standing behind me they must have been watching to see my Caldwell catcher. When I turned to leave one asked about the catcher, but also ask what I was shooting. I replied Hi Point 380cf and the ammo was my own reloads with Berry Bullets. At first I heard a chuckle; then one said He thought "Hi points were not much of a shooter and he was surprised that how flawless and accurate is was." I smiled and politely said They work as well as any other pistol, have a better warranty while costing a hell of a lot less. I offered to let him shoot a mag and see for himself. He did and was off to the local gun store to buy one for himself. I did say that allow the pistol to break in and before he shoot he should load the mags up and allow them to stay loaded for a week or so . I said that I feel it breaks in the mags better. He said thanks and now a new convert to High points. People need to try them out give them a chance to work and then you will have many hours of fun when you go shooting.:p

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    This post is worthless without photos! :cool:

    Lets see the Caldwell catcher......
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    Why would you want to catch a caldwell? :;
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    When are Caldwells in season?
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    Spot - there is no closed season on Caldwells (Capital "C), as they are considered a non-game, invasive species.
    Plano- no one WANTS to catch a caldwell (small "c"), as this is more viscious than the flu, ranking right up there with Lyme disease. "caldwell" is usually transmitted by through contact, making public schools especially dangerous.
  6. Good on ya, Photo35! I'm sure I have caused a lot of Hi-Points to be bought, when I bring my targets back! Especially when I let other shooters bust a few caps from my 9 H.P.'s
    I'd be curious to know your load recipe, as I have a CF .380 , and am pretty sure I have some Berry's .380 bullets here in my overcrowded Reloading room. I don't think you can post load recipes on the Forum, so here's my E.M. address:
    [email protected] I'd appreciate a response.
    Fred Wahl
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    Nice. Converted another shooter to...the dark side. Love those stories. ;)
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    Tell him about the great customer service too. No questions asked fast turnaround for any kind of fix is huge.