.3895 ts?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Omega-X, Feb 1, 2016.

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    Its been awhile since I've been on, glad to see that there is still a lot of discussion,product research and general fun going on. Like I was saying.....it's been awhile, I was on the Hi-Point website( http://www.hi-pointfirearms.net/ ) checking out stuff and a seen they have a new model, .3895TS?? :eek:, but can't seem to find any info/pictures on it. Is it a 380 Carbine? Anyone have info on this?

    It was also cool to see some of the new products Hi-Point is putting out. Speed loaders, grips for the handguns and a couple other cool goodies. Guess I should get on and check out the forum and website more often :)
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    (Psssst...Mole, he's not s noob, either, lol!) :p
  4. Sarahsmom is right once again Mr. Mole! :)
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    To funny guys....:rofl:

    Thanks B Cassidy for the explanation. I was thinking it was a 380 but, wasn't 100% positive.
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    No Offense, Omega-X, I just tend to :welcome: those with less than 100 posts.
    Or "Welcome Back" those who have not been around for a while ;)
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    translation: We've had a large number of ladies joining us here lately and I want to get past the friend zone. So i'll be nice to all newcomers just in case.

    Welcome back.

    seing your post does leat me to wonder jost how many new buyers will try loading 38spl instead of 380.
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    No offense taken Mole. Thanks for the welcome back. The friend zone....love it! ;)