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I would like to start a list of who can tentatively come down to Yuma Arizona, Adair shooting range on the weekend of October 24th. Here are the particulars about the range and area:

1. Located off highway 95 if coming from PHX or off I8 if coming from Casa/Tucson
2. The range has: Shotgun, Pistol, Metallic Sillouhette, Archery, and a RC Plane/Car area + softball diamond, Yuma's Historic Bridge to Nowhere (i'll explain when you come down), gold prospecting with a metal detector under the bridge,
3. 4WD trails everywhere in the surrounding area
4. Camping available, no hook ups but a self contained RV would be great!
5. 20 minutes from town
6. 5 minutes from the "guns" HUGE cannons at the entrance to Yuma Proving Grounds, kids can climb on and take pics.
7. 20 minutes from the KOFA gold mine museum
8. 15 minutes from Martinez lake (fishing) and Senator's Wash (fishing and swimming)
9. NO RULES FOR THE RANGE EXECPT COMMON SENSE! (you can fast draw, defensive draw all day!!!)
10. 25 minutes from Mexico (Algadones) if you care for some leisurely shopping, very cheap
11. 25 minutes from 3 Casinos!!! ya wanna send your significant other out while you shoot..no prob!

12. I'll provide the meat for lunch/dinner combo! prolly burgers, dogs and a bunch of bacon/jalapeno doves that i'll get starting 9-1-9!!!

If we can get an approximate count over the next month, i'll call the range guys and get us a spot roped off and some signs or maybe a banner.

So, just reply to the email if you can tentatively come and then we will finalize as it gets closer. I think we could out do all the other HPFF States on this one!!!!!

Oh, and lets get a list of weapons that will be coming with you so that if we have any extra or un-needed rounds we can bring them. I'll be bringing:
1. 995
2. Glock 30 .45
3. Sig P250 9mm
4. Springfield XD .40
5. Mosin Nagant
6. 3 Suppressed .22's
7. M4-gery

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Here's what I will be bring to the shot if it occurs....those rifles with an Astrix will require you to supply your own ammo if you would like to shot them, thanks for understanding

1) * M1 Garand*
2) * Swiss K-31*........7.5 Swiss
3) *Arisaka*...............7.7 Jap
4) AK 47
5) JHP .45
6) Cz 52
7) C-9


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ah come on, i thought you would bring a couple of K for both!!!! :D :D :D

actually i'll have a box or two for folks who do not have what i brought. i'll have to refresh my memory when it gets closer to my first post!!
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