3x Prism Sights

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    I'm looking for the best of both worlds. I want fast target acquisition and some help for my tired eyes. For the range of a Hi-Point Carbine, I thought a Prism sight with red dot and magnification up to 3x would fill my prescription. Some choices I'm looking at are the Burris AR-332 and Cabela's Tactical 3x Prism sight. They are good sights, but cost as much as my rifle or more.

    What I'm aiming for is a economical alternative. I'm happy to put out the $$$ if the $300 stuff is the best solution. However, the minds on this site are pretty good at stretching a buck and any input would be appreciated.

    As for my vision situation, if this helps, I wear progressive lenses. Without glasses and using iron sights, I can either focus on the target or the sights but not both. Of course, with glasses, aiming is absolutely out of the question with progressives. I'm not sure if a 1x reflex red dot sight would help. I'm sure the Prism sight would fix everything, but boy they are expensive.