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3X scope, 1-4x LPVO with illuminated Duplex red dot, or 2.5x ACSS?

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So, in my search for more stuff to bolt on top of an AR, I have tried everything from 45 degree irons, to $20 red dots, to $150 red dots, to $200 ACSS 2.5x “not a red dot, but pretty much a red dot”, to a 3x Nikon with BDC, to various 2-7 or 3-9 or 4-16 or more by Vortex, BSA, Center Point, Nikon, and Bushnell. BDC reticles, target turrets, AO, illuminated, etc, etc…

But right now I am looking at the LPVO. I don’t have one yet, but I just ordered the base model from Primary Arms.

I LOVE the 3X Nikon P223, and I LOVE the Primary Arms Holographic 2.5X ACSS optic. Both can be used with both eyes open, which still is a learning curve for me, both are just easy to use, as in point and shoot, just hold over at ranges over 250 -300 yards, if you feel like trying it. They both have lines for that.

But the Nikon is no longer made, and the low end ACSS unit is $250. Though it does have etched reticles, meaning battery life isn’t such a big deal.

So…I also love the old German T post style reticle. And the $150 PA LPVO has this…

there are a bunch of teeny tiny sub tension, but no one has time for that crap. It’s supposedly a 2 MOA red dot, 1MOA gaps between the dot and the stadia, and the horizontal line is 9MOA from end to end of the short part in the middle, and they are 5 MOA thick.
Point is….it’s almost a T-Post, it has a red dot, it can easily be used both eyes open, and it will dial up to 4x, which some of us like…I still have a hard time of being too critical with too much zoom, and not being very good at finding my rhythm in my heartbeat to hit the right part of the figure 8 track….I’ll let Rach explain that part. I just like putting the post close enough and sending it. No second guessing, no trying to be “more perfect”.
What it boils down to is…I’m hoping this is the one, for the carbines. Enough zoom, enough speed, clear glass, good battery life.

Anyone running similar setups, and what are your conclusions? Do I need to spend more on a “better” scope? More magnification, even though it almost doubles the price to get 6X?
Or what?
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Yeah I really really like my PA 2.5x32 CQB ACSS, it's like having a red dot with some magnification and hold overs. Believe it or not that is on my FAL. The FAL, even though some may not know, is not a tack driver. Lucky to get 2 MOA at 100. So the PA 2.5x32 is perfect for a battle rifle.

For most of my ARs, LPVO is all I have, I even have couple on my CETME C and L, all of them either 1-4x or 1-6x range some with BDC and some just mil dot. I like being able to use em as a true red dot both eyes open or turn up the magnification to reach out and touch someone. I still haven't mastered the 4x both eyes open, forget about the 6x ones lol. I have mostly SFP and one FFP. I guess if I had to pick something I don't like on the FFP is how the thickness changes on the reticle.

Yeah, I have a few red dot/holos too, some with 3X magnifiers. Still winds up being a low power optic however you look at it lol. The reticles are just better on the LPVO optics. Unless you are looking for super simple, aka red dot/magnifier combo. Have you thought about doing that? Like, lets say a good circle dot or T-dot with magnifier? That way you could get a true 1X flipping the magnifier to the side or have a 2 or 3 or 4x magnification (they get expensive after 3X).

As for my AKs I have, of course, Russian or Combloc optics. All in some kind of red dot form from chevron to T-dot to regular dot. They are built like tanks and add weight to an already heavy platform - but I like em lol.

I think I only have two high powered scopes. One on my L308 and one on my Marlin XS7 (Athlon and Bushnell respectively) and two mid power on my Marlin 336 and my Mosin, both of those are centerpoint.

Of course like many of you guys I have a few other types on some random firearms here and there and some that got replaced so they are back in their boxes...
Dayum, Dood!!

You just vaulted to Top 5 status, with all these friggin Battle Rifle setups... I know you have a fuk-ton of AKs (like every model every made!) and a proper number of AR15s but multiples in CETME and FAL,
Except a Valmet... some day, some day...

I started on battle rifles about a year before Biden got in, prices weren't horrible on the ammo so I stocked up a little and needed rifles to go with it!!! I know ass backwards lol.

But really I only have a L308, Cetme C and two FAL. So it's not a crazy amount. The Cetme L is 556. I still have more stuff that shoots x39 than 223/556 but 9mm is making a big time run to challenge that!!! Pretty sure if you count my pistols and carbines they prolly passed my 223/556.

I have been playing around with AR9's. They are so much fun to shoot, so much fun looking at a 9mm AK lol, still want to get that AP5 first though.

Also I have to admit the Tavor is really fun, the more I shoot it the more I like it... bullpup I know...

Gonna have to decide on an optic for that soon. It came with a red dot but will most likely get a PA for that one too.

Next project will be a lightweight 223/556. 14.5 barrel with pinned break most likely. Already have a billet skeletonized lower receiver.

Anyway, I am contributing to thread drift!!!

Back to LPVOs.

@ajole have you had a chance to play around with those optics? Curious on the PA LPVO.
I guess I'm just being Jelly ;)

If you followed Mole's Rules, you'd be weighed down with too much battle rifle ammo to move, my friend :rotfl:
That's why I don't have anything in x51 (yet) because Mole's Rules call for copious amounts of ammo for a main rifle caliber. What's the price of 10,000 rounds of .308 right now? ;)
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Took out the PA scope on a 5.56 gun, got it zeroed.
It worked OK, I’m happy with it, but as the reviews all said, the red dot is not a red dot in the daylight, not bright enough for that. But the reticle is good. Though I think the cheap “Sniper” one may be better.

Also installed a new light on the truck gun, it’s an Olight Mini Valkyrie. It has a Glock rail mount, or a Pic rail mount. QD, magnetic cable recharge. Small and light. I only have a rail on top, but it sits where my thumb is, and barely shows in the glass.

Ok AL, can you recommend the O-Light brand?? Seems the cheaper Chinesium lights get dim after a while.
I'm interested in this mag-link charging. I like a light you can charge w/o pulling the battery.

I have a pair of EDC lights that are super simple. 5 lumens or 300 lumens, the default is 5lm and turns on at 5 every time unless you double click it. It's listed as a tactical patrol light, I got it from a clickbait site somewhere, it was Fightfast.com I believe. $20 each but the led seems to be holding up very well!
How long you had the Tacticon?
Do you recommend it?
Got the AR47 out today, the “Sniper” brand scope zeroed right up, shooting both eyes open is easy enough, and the red dot is, again, not visible in daylight. But the zoom is easier to move than the PA scope. It has locking turrets rather than caps, which is kind of odd for a 1-5x scope with a reticle that makes holdover easy enough. It also has red green and blue on the dot. But shooting things at 25 yards and 100 and back to 25 was easy.
Can you recap the Sniper Brand LPVO?

That was an acronym I never bothered to look up, nor figure out,
but since I saw a fine presentation by T-Rex Arms, I'm pretty sure
I now need an LPVO 😹 with etched reticle, of course.
Thanks AL!
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