4" Charter Arms Pathfinder .22Mag or .22lr

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  1. Charter Arms has produced the 2" snubby Pathfinder in .22lr or .22Mag for a long time now, but the new 2008 lineup shows a 4" version of the Pathfinder in .22lr or .22Mag. I saw one of the lr chambered 4" Pathfinders a few days ago in a local shop and now I want one, but I want the .22Mag version. Here's a pic from the Charter Arms site of the new 4" Pathfinder .22Mag.


    So.. what do you twenty two guys think?
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    I like it. Very nice looking weapon. The price that they are going for is not bad at all either. Gunbroker has them for $250.00.

  3. The shop price for the snubby Pathfinders is $229 for the LR and $239 for the WMR. The 4" LR was marked $249 so the WMR would probably be around $259, not bad for shop prices based on other shops in my area.

    The .22WMR is my favorite rimfire caliber and the 4" Pathfinder would go well with my Marlin 925M that I use for small game hunting. Next time I am over in that part of town I will stop in and take a up close look at the 4" Pathfinder they have in stock, and if I like it enough I will have them order me one of the WMR versions.

    I had a snubby .22LR Pathfinder about 12 years ago and used it for a trail gun while hiking, woods walking or early season scouting. It performed very well considering it was a revolver with a 2" barrel, but I am not a big fan of snubby LR chambered guns so I ended up trading it off for something else. I do like the WMR in any barrel length though and the NAA Mini I have in .22WMR is so fun to shoot I sometimes forget the ammo cost $8-$9 per 50rds.
  4. I think I'd get the Taurus. I looked at one the other day in LR and it's a pretty nice gun. DA pull was a BEAR, but the SA wasn't bad at all. I considered getting it, but went with the Bearcat instead.

    Looks a lot like the Charter you've got pictured really. About the same price, maybe a few bucks more, but it was less than the Bearcat.