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Just picked this up today and was looking for a little help in identifying some of the markings. My camera is the suck at close up shots. Yes it has been bastarized by someone long long before me but it is hard to pass up a sweet deal.

I have
M 1942 (Maltby?)
on the wrist

NO 4 mk 1 receiver markings. M 7 and a 0 stamped on the Bolt

I have been to surplusrifleforum to do some research and found out some ..I was wondering though what the Y meant..yugoslavia maybe?

As far as the markings on the barrel lol..it looks like oh I dunno a decoder ring there is so many markings on it. A few check marks, B E , n13 ,n 77, N 79 and some other jibberish I could only duplicate with a pencil and paper ..and maybe a few fractions on there also lol.

Any helps greatly appreciated

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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