.40 Ammo on clearance at WallyWorld

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  1. Hi All, I'm new here, although I've been lurking for a while. I was planning on buying a new HP Carbine and I was on the fence between the 4095 & 995. Well I was in Wally World Saturday and was looking around and saw that they had the Rem. 140 Gr .40 S&W ammo on clearance for $2.50 a box- I bought all 38 boxes they had, and I'm looking for more. I also picked up the 4095 and put 200 rounds through it tonight!!!

    Sweet nothing like a little projectile theropy!!

    Only bad thing is my wife came with me and fell in love- looks like we're going to be a two HP family real soon
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    Good deal on that ammo!
    Congrats, and welcome aboard!
    Get pics up, and range report ASAP!

  3. Welcome nice weapon
    cough: primal ermey: cough
  4. Is this Wally World waaaay out on L.I.? I'm suprised they even carried ammo!
    Welcome and make with the pics!!!!! Oh, and pics of the gun too.....ok, ok, I deserve a wedgie for that...heh....
  5. snap thats chepa as all get out. I seriously doubt my stores will have that deal but i'm gonna check.
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    Nukin Futz
    Real quick before you get the Marine Drill Instructor singling you out, POST A PIC. :D
    Welcome aboard!
    Wish I could find 9mm at yesterdays prices.
  7. [​IMG]

    Nothing personal, all the new guys get the Gunny!
  8. Welcome! You sure got a hell of a deal on that ammo! Glad to hear that you like your carbine :) Hope you have a camera, the mod has spoken LOL

    (If not, draw a pic, he probably would not notice the difference ;) )
  9. Here is the new Baby!! Complete with new Houge slip on's

  10. Nukin you need to put [​IMG] after it for it to work right.
  11. Wtf? Damn that's cheap... I'd buy it all too in a heartbeat. Wish I could find those prices here... They give a reason why so cheap?
  12. That Wal-Mart is no longer going to carry Firearms and they are changing from Remington 50 pks to Winchester 100pks as their .40 S&W supplier.
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    some of y'all might give Ammo Direct a shot (ha, that was unintentional but appropriate). I was having trouble tracking down some .38 s&w (for my s&w Victory revolver) and found this place in TN, but to the point, they manufacture their ammo and it is really good quality. They were out of my caliber when I called, but they had the ammo finished and to me within 1.5 weeks with ground shipping. Very nice people and they do take phone orders, for those paranoid freaks like me who refuse to put a CC# on the internet. 877 266 6347 is their number.
  14. I seriously doubt that Wal-Mart was selling 40 cal ammo that cheap. Here in Montana it's still ~$14 a box - no acknowledgement of a price reduction or discontinuance. Where do you guys come up with this stuff?
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    Walmarts that still sell guns typically carry a different brand of ammo than the ones that dont, and when that store stops carrying guns they switch over to the WWB ammo and clearance out the gun manufacturer brand that they used to sell.

    There has been quite a few reports on different sites of ammo being clearanced out when a new brand is brought in to walmart.
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  17. This must be a regional thing.
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    Last year after Christmas I got the "Decorative Gift Tins" of Remington .22LR
    for the WalMart clearance price of $3 per tin of 300. I bought all two and a half cases of it.
    Pre Christmas price was almost $13 per tin.

    BTW, It is crap ammo.