40 cal or 995 ????

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by hitmanharleyk, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. looking to buy soon and I'd like your opinion on which to get !

    I will be installing a ATI stock and a red dot scope on the firearm.
  2. The ATI stock will work on the 995. But my next purchase will be for the 4095

  3. Langford

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    Get the 995. ATI doesnt make a stock for the 4095, and the ammo is quite a bit more expensive, and who really needs the extra power of a .40 over a 9mm in a carbine.

    I picked up a 4095 at first because I thought the ATI stock would work and thats all they had in at the time, after I found out that the ATI wouldnt work, I ordered the 995. Now the 4095 pretty much just sits in my safe. It has about 150 rounds through it and is in perfect shape, Im thinking about trying to sell it.
  4. Shootest 995

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    With good hollow point ammo in a mid to heavy grain, and good placement, the 9mm will do the trick no problem.

    I'd buy the 9, then instead of a 40 in a carbine, save up some cash and buy a AR type weapon. Maybe one that you can switch out barrels and change the caliber.

    While the 40 is a nice weapon, it is just a "filler" between the 9 carbine and the 223/556 AR type weapon.

    I just ordered a 6.5 conversion for one on my other toys. So between the 9mm, the 223/556 and the 6.5, I think i have the spectrum covered as well as i'll have a need for.
  5. I just purchased the 9mm, due to price of ammo increasing
  6. I went with the 995 because it shares ammo with my CCW and my C9. Had I owned or carried a .40 cal pistol for CCW the choice would have been the 4095.

    I think the 995 makes a great range plinker because the ammo is the least expensive. It also makes a great home defense carbine when loaded with a good quality JHP.
  7. 995 here. Cheaper ammo and I can upgrade it.
  8. I have both, and prefer the 4095. I found a good bulk deal on ammo for it and grabbed a thousand rounds for it and as long as I conserve it I will not have to worry about ammo price increases in the future