40 caliber handgun or 45 caliber handgun

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  1. I have decided to buy a new Hi Point handgun. I currently have the C9 so you dont need to mention the 9mm, and, I wont want a 380. My question is what would you buy, simple question, which do you PREFER?
  2. It's a matter of preference.

    I like the .45acp as I like shooting 1911's.
    The .45acp has a trajectory like a basketball where I hear that the .40 has a much flatter trajectory.

  3. I just got the .45 this week and have not shot it yet. It is the same exact gun and frame, just with a different barrel. I went with the .45 because I already have a 9mm. IMO the 9mm and the .40 have similar defense performance if you remove the "knock down power" theory.

    For me, there is just having the ability to throw 230 grains of thunder out of your gun. Once you shoot a .45, it is addicting.

    Consider your budget for ammo as well. The .40 is great because it is so much cheaper. If this is something you intend to use frequently at the range, the consider the .40. I use the 9mm as my range gun, and the .45 will just be my big boy.

    They are both great calibers for self defense. The .45 will just cost you a bunch more for the ammo. FYI, ammo prices are scheduled to go up again on March 8, so don't sit around wondering when you should but some.
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    Id go with the .45 over the .40... Your really not gaining much with the .40... And as far as the .45 having a trajectory like a basketball, well if you plan to snipe at 100+ yards with a pistol than ok sure, but they werent made for that.... Also dont fool yourself that you will be all good to go with a .45 over a 9mm, with modern +p ammo, the 9mm is effective and many police agencies have been happy with it, its all about shot placment.. I had a manager at a hungry howies in tampa who was robbed, and shot both robbers, in the chest with a .44mag, both ran out of the store, accross a busy intersection, into a waiting car, to the hospitol.. Both survived although one was critical.. Handguns in general are weak and a poor choice compared to a rifle or shotgun, there are no magic bullets... Whats most important is pick the caliber you can shoot the most accuratly and comfortably....Only good hits count.....BTW The hottest 9mm rounds are just about on par with alot of .357 mag loads.. Darn close.....

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    I'd go .40. After pulling some rounds out of a tree I was shooting with some .40 cal the way the .40 mushrooms is awesome. Hey the FBI uses .40 gotta be some reason why.
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    I agree that the 9mm is an excellent all-around round. Inexpensive, versatile, and comes in pistols of many different configurations. It has a well earned reputation as everything from a compact defence round, an armour piercing round with the right loads, and a great plinker. There's a reason many police forces around the world still use it: It can either create a BIG hole with the right load, or serve as a debilitating round without having to kill a person (if the shooter is well trained).

    But, the .40 is made for one specific purpose: Hit soft tissue, expand and disable. It's a defence round, pure and simple...and it does it's job VERY well. It won't penetrate armour, and it won't function as a 200+meter carbine round as well as other calibers, but when it comes to defence it's the best bet for the money.

    Me? I like both :D Both pistols are easy to shoot, yet have different dynamics. If you're educated in the function and physics of your sidearm, you really can't go wrong with either one!
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    Same reason most police agencies use it, not everyone can or wants to handle the recoil of a .45... so they compromised... And the FBI used 10mm for some time, and shortened it, which is now the .40... Not every cop is an avid shooter, so they need a caliber everyone can handle, but yet is effective too....

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    But again, try both.. Whatever your accurate with and most comfortable with is the key...

  9. I have the .45 and the .40 Hi Point pistols, and I have to say I prefer the .40.

    Sure the 45 shoots a 230 gr round but you can get the 40 in a 180 which is pretty darn close and it seems to have more overall power than the 45 to me at least.
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    If thats what you like better than by all means use .40.. Ive never shot a pistol in .40 so I wouldnt know the difference between it and 9mm/.45. recoil or accuracy wise. But personally if I were wanting to get something bigger than 9mm, id want to go alot bigger than just a tad.. But who knows, id have to shoot one first... How much is .40 compared to .45 anyway? Price wise.. and hows the recoil? Ammo price that is not jhp vs jcp..

  11. .40. Practice with the 9, carry the .40.
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    You should practice with the .40 too... Unless they both feel the same too you....

  13. I started shooting .45acp back in 77 when I went into the army as a 19E (tanker)and then later as a 19K (M1A tanker)

    Shot a lot of .45 over the years. Pistol and submachine gun

    Just started shooting .40 S&W a year ago thereabouts, and its my personal opinion that the .40 puts out slightly more energy, even being .05 hundredth of an inch smaller and 50 gr lighter.

    I think the .40 has a more sharp recoil, and would not be surprised if it matches if not slightly having an edge over the .45acp.

    The ammo is pretty well in between the 9mm and .45acp in price, I think for the WWB ammo FMJ its about 4-7 bucks more expensive than the 9mm FMJ for a box of 100 but you are getting more bang for the buck
  14. I'd say practice with both, but more so the 40. After extended training with it, the 9 will feel like a peashooter.

    the USSS use the Sig 40's, too!
  15. I just would like to know which one is the BEST for knockdown power.....
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    There is really no such thing as knockdown power. It is about the bullet being able to penetrate 12-16 inches then the one with the biggest hole wins. FBI said this ""knock down" power is a myth. The critical element is penetration. The bullet must pass through the large, blood bearing organs and be of sufficient diameter to promote rapid bleeding. Penetration less than 12 inches is too little, and, in the words of two of the participants in the 1987 Wound Ballistics Workshop, "too little penetration will get you killed." Given desirable and reliable penetration, the only way to increase bullet effectiveness is to increase the severity of the wound by increasing the size of hole made by the bullet. Any bullet which will not penetrate through vital organs from less than optimal angles is not acceptable. Of those that will penetrate, the edge is always with the bigger bullet."

    Both the 45 and the 40 will do this... I find the recoil of the 45 to be less or should I say not as sharp as the 40. My 2nd shots with the 45 are easier to get back on target. I hope this helps
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    According to the FBI study the 40 penetrates farther than either the 9 or 45
  19. That is why although I have both the JHP45 and the JCP40, the JCP40 has become my favorite.
  20. I had my dealer order me a Hi Point 45 today, he didn't have any in stock.