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    Finally got in the gun club and got to shoot my 40 cal. Hi-Point. I was shooting at 25 ft. and was getting 8" groups. I thought this gun isn't very accurate. So I asked the RSO to give it a try with my gun, and to my amazement, he shot a 2" group. He handed my gun back and said " pretty accurate gun" I guess I need a lot of practice. After 250 rounds and some pointers from the RSO I got it down to 4" groups. I had about 4 or 5 jams in 250 rounds, but they were due to the magazine failing to feed, and 1 stove pipe.
  2. Personally I think the .40 is a more accurate pistol for me than the C9 or the .45JHP

  3. Haven't shot the .40 but you can't argue with those results. Keep practicing with it man.