.40 or .45

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  1. firebird45331

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    about how much are the .45's or the .40's? are they as much of a pleasure as a c9
  2. In central mo. the 40 will run about 189.00 and the 45 will be about the same.As for feeding one the 40 is cheeper . The 40 is heaver than th C-9 but you do have more bang for your buck.

  3. That's the 40 for you, cheaper than the 45 ammo but more bullet size than the 9mm.
  4. The 40 is great..... you'll love it!
  5. makarovnik

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    I figure if I'm going to buy the extra large frame I may as well get the biggest bullet I can out of it. Anyone shoot +P's in their .45acp?
  6. Yep. 185gr +P GDHP by Speer in my .45. It loves it. Eats it all day long. narry a hiccup.