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Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by zim1952, Oct 20, 2007.

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    After reading all of the good posts for Hi-Point pistols, thought I'd give one a try again(didn't have much use for the one I bought several years ago and was a happy camper when I finally found a sucker to buy it). I bought a new 40 S&W JCP last week end for a local gun shop. Didn't have a chance to fire it until this morning. Gun was pretty accurate and had no problem with the first mag load of ammo. Since then I haven't been able to get it to strip a round from the mag. Tried 4 different brands of ammo none of which would load a single round. Loaded different load numbers thinking maybe it didn't like a fully loaded mag to no avail. Here's my procedure that I've followed for many years with any of my Colt 45, Brownig Hi Power, AR15 and othe mag fed pistols and rifles I own. Load mag, palm whack mag, slide into weapon, pull back slide and bang away. This magazine (fired first mag without a problem) strips the round forward about 1/4" at which point it noses down into the front of the magazine itself. I started looking at the site last Saturday after buying the pistol and noticed a post about the magazine needing some tweeking at the feed lip. Does this sound like whats going on here? If so, I hope some of you that are pros with this pistol or have had the same problem can help me out. With the 10 rds I was able to send down range to the target, this pistol seemed to be alot more capable than the Ruger my friend has. Thanks for any help.
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    I used to own the HP 40 and never had a problem with it. I even bought an extra mag at the local gun shop, and both worked flawlessly. Of course the only thing I ever fired out of it was WWB.

    If its grabbing and then causing a nose down effect on the next round. It does sound like the feel lips are a bit too tight. You may try to spread them a little at a time while at the range as see if that helps. You could also pickup an extra mag, I don't think they were that much and see how a new mag works. If it works fine then make your first mag like the new one.

    If all else fails you could just call Hi-Point and take advantage of the best customer service in the industry!

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    Thanks for your info Maverick. Tried opening the mags feed lips, still had the same problem. Tried pinching them in, the same problem. After looking the factory mag over, I decieded to pull out one of my Chip McCormick 8rd 1911 .45acp mags and do a little revamping. Used a jewllers saw, dremel and a needle nose pliers to work on release area of mag. Left the lips alone for first try and had to tweak them slightly to function the best. Just got back in from my practice range and the pistol had one hicup on the first mag--tweaked lips slightly and returned to firing line. Shot 50 rds and never had a glitch. Mag will hold 9rds but only loaded to 8. Pistol is pretty accurate, palm sized groupings center mass at combat range. Will get ahold of Hi-point tomorrow and see what they have to say about the factory mag. May take some more .45acp mags--got alot of em a few years ago from a gun shop that was selling out for $5 apiece--and revamp and take little more time to make them more smoother looking.
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    Sounds like you got a bad mag... You don't hear much problems out of the 40 & 45s. Seems like most of the feed/mag problems come out of the C9 camp.

    Contacting HP is probably best. I'm sure they will take care of you.
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    am I understanding this right when you say you used a 1911 style magazine in you 40?
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    Yes I did. I don't think much of the construction of the Hi-Point magazines when I can almost bend or pinch the feed lips by hand. The overall design reminded me of 1911 mags. I pulled one of them out of the vault and did some measurements and overall they are very close. Only thing was that the mag release cutout was different. After a few more measurements and marking up the 1911 mag I started cutting it out. After alittle fitting to Hi-Point I ran a couple of mags through by drycocking the slide and watching for the ejection of the rounds. Left the feed lips alone until this morning when I took it out to test. Had to use a pliers to adjust the feedlips(they're quite a bit heavier than the Hi-Point mags) a little then fired away. Don't know for sure if the 50rds fired this morning were a fluke or not but will shoot somemore when the rain quites again. Seems like the 1911 mag sits a little higher in the well which lines rounds up to chamber more like my Colts. Will probably try another one sometime in the future using a little better set of tools than I did last night as it was after midnight when I came up with this idea.