40 S&W through a 1095TS ??

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    Read an article on shooting 40 S&W out of a Glock 10MM. Woud this work on a 1095TS? Anyone ever tried this?
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    Don't do it.

    Theoretically, it's possible, but it's bad for the gun. The 10mm headspaces on the case mouth. When you "chamber" a 40, it can't reach the shoulder of the chamber so it headspaces on nothing. The extractor has to hold it in place. When touched off, the bullet has to jump the distance between the case mouth and the shoulder, causing mechanical wear on the shoulder and allowing hot gasses to burn and cut the finely defined right angle of the shoulder. It also stresses the extractor claw and can lead to breakage.

    So, while you probably could do it in an emergency, don't.

    People have been asking the same question about 380ACP in a 9mm also. I wrote an article about it:

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    Did it with my G20, just to prove it could be done for a skeptical friend.

    Would I do it again for any reason other than the fact that I have zero 10mm available and only .40S&W? No, and since I have a firearm chambered in .40S&W, probably not even then.
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