.40 S&W vs .45 cal carbine

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Doc53, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the .45 carbine for years now. Will it be better than the .40 S&W just because it is a larger caliber? For a pistol, I would prefer the .45 cal. for the typical 25 yd or less shot. But for 100 and 200 yard shots with a carbine, which caliber has the better terminal ballistics? We won't know for sure until the Hi-Point .45 carbine comes out, but some of you may have had experience with the discontinued .45 Marlin Camp carbine.
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    I got to tell you the 45 acp does great at range! I have seen 45 acp from a 1911 hit the steel plate at 200 yards. And when it hits it rings loud. I have seen many shots out to 75 yards with a 1911 knocking over steel plates. If I can find a video of it I will post it.

    The British had a silenced 45 carbine in WWII they would make 350 yard shots with it.

  3. The 4595 is just a pipe dream thats not coming true any time soon.
  4. It's not a pipe dream... they're still making progress on it, they just want to make sure it's "just right" before they put it out. They have a functional prototype right now, the CEO's still dissatisfied with the barrell though.
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    Title of this thread should be racehorse vs unicorn, one is real and one is a myth!
  6. The 45 is a good round, I first shot one back in 1977 (pistol and submachine gun) and I have shot it often since.

    I am new to the .40 S&W, but personally am impressed with it, and would trust it to do any job that the .45ACP would do.
  7. I would bet the 40 cal. is cheeper to feed than the 45 will be.But it would be nice to have with the pistol