40 short and weak?

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    i keep seeing the term "short and weak" applied to the 40 S&W cartridge. While its not the most powerful, 40 is certainly no weakling. It's snap is authoritative, velocity is respectable and I one blew right through 10 empty steel paint cans with a 180 gr FMJ Federal round. Does anyone here have less than good thoughts on the round?
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    Kind Sir. I beg to differ. The 440 is neither short nor weak.

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    440 Six Pack!
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    I wouldn’t call all Northern Ohioans short and weak.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'm arguing in favor of 40 S&W, not against. Those 10 shot-through paint cans are witnesses.
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    But the Hemi is King!!

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    Well, I've put down 3 coyotes with my .40S&W HP Carbine using 180grs + P. Golden Sabers, and my buddy put down a wild hog with a 200grs, "Longshot" reloaded Xtreme plated bullet.

    I don't think the coyotes or the wild hog felt it was a "Short and Weak" cartridge.
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    Ah. Makes sense now.
  9. I've killed several coyotes with a 22LR
    The last one I killed was with my .410 Snake Charmer with #4 shot
    We have them all around and I always carry it when I take my wife's little dog out
    I bought a Kel Tec PMR 30 a few months ago
    I take it with me now
    Hope one of them MoFo's try me
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  10. I literally have wet dreams about shooting a Coyote with my PMR 30
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    He can explain the "Short and Weak" nonsense better than me

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  13. Thanks
    This guy on the internet seems to be a true firearms expert
    But it seems he missed the part about the wound channel being the same
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    Hope you have better luck than me with your PMR 30 !!
    I had 2 of them, and were both "Jammomatics".
    One of them (the newer one) started to come apart while shooting at the range, called Kel-Tec, spoke with a technician, he said to send it back to get it "Re-Glued"..
    Never bought another Kel-Tec product again.
  15. Yeah I'm.sure they said that
    400 rounds so far
    CCI Maxi Mag 40 grain hollow points
    Haven't loaded 30 yet
    First 25 rounds had 1 FTF
    second 25 rounds 1 FTF
    Then 2 25 rounds no FTF
    Since been loading 20 rounds and no FTF
    Funny someone on a Hi point Forum.talking shit about Kel Tec
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  16. Especially someone linking videos from that dumb ass as "proof" about anything LOL
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  17. Hey
    This guy is on the internet too
    He can get a PMR 30 to work just like I can
    If you can't maybe you are just too limp wristed ??
    I don't know ?

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    I like Kel Tec's. And my PMR30 runs flawless.
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  19. Claymore

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    Hey, get down from your high horse buddy !!!
    I NEVER questioned your gun choice, honestly, I don't care what you own or shoot, I just posted about my experience with the same gun, never intended to offend you, or any other PMR-30 owner, those were the facts about MY 2 PMR guns.
    As for Kel-Tec, I don't think I need, or want, to talk shit about them here, the whole gun world knows about that.
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