4065 junk or what?

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    I just walked 1/4 mile across the backyard and onto county land to shoot my 4095, at -4 degrees (F). It shot the first shot just fine, when I pulled the trigger for the second shot and it hadn't reset. I pulled the mag, emptied the chamber and cocked the rifle, reloaded the mag, reinserted it and chambered the round.

    Again it fired, but the trigger wouldn't reset. I repeated the above ten times. I decided I would either wrap the piece of jukn around a tree or walk home and see what was wrong. It and I are thawing out so what gives is this a lemon or is it something I have to fix.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Possibly an issue with the trigger return spring(located inside the trigger). How does it feel when you pull the trigger without it cocked?

  3. Shootest 995

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    Before you wrap it around anything you can do 1 of 2 things.

    (1) call Hi-Point and make arrangemnets to send it into them. It will cost you the freight to send it in but from there they will go completely through it and make any repairs needed ad any updates that have been made to the weapon since it was built, all at NO CHARGE to you. They will then send it back to you and in most cases, they kick in a free mag to cover the cost of your having to pay the freight to send it to them.

    You can contact them here:

    Beemiller Manufacturing
    1015 Springmill Road
    Mansfield, OHIO 44906
    (419) 747-6095

    (2) you can send it to me, I'll pay the freight charges back to you and I'll send it into Hi-Point for the free repairs.

    I think we all know what would be your best option!
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    About the same as when it's cocked except that there is no stop or firm resistance from the firearm being cocked.
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    At minus 4 degrees, could there be some grease or other lube in the trigger area that got stiff?

    Or even on the slide? Also at that temp metal contracts, could make the action tight enough to bind.

    Hope it is something like that and not a flaw in the gun.
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    Try letting it sit in a secure area at outdoor temperature for a while. I've seen plenty of problems with tools at work not working because of metal parts warping due to the temp difference. Let the whole thing get down the temp, and then try it.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    -4 degrees (F). WTH are you doing out shooting when it's THAT cold you should be inside where it's warm!! Are you Frickin nuts?
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    He is a die hard. You get two thumbs up from me. Hardcore to the bone.
  9. sure isn't going to hurt to send it in if you don't want to take it apart to see whats up. Its a very simple firing mechanism, so there isn't much to go wrong. I'm sure you can see whats up if you pull it from the stock.
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    Agreed, anyone willing to face that weather just for some plinking is a hardcore shootist in my book.
    You have to remember also that the trigger mech in the 4095 is unprotected to the elements so any moisture that gets into the trigger area will freeze the springs and act as a block to it's proper operation especially in -4 ( man what were you thinking ?!?!?! LOL) .
    A carring case in this instance may have been ideal, maybe even a few hand warmers in the case.
    I'm assuming, also, that you did a really good cleaning and lube of the weapon and mags before going out to shoot it.
  11. Gun powder is also affected by temperature extremes, as well as primers. There's been numerous tests conducted in recording chamber pressures from below freezing to well over 120 degrees F. Obviously, the higher the temperatures, the higher the pressures are created. When you're out shooting a firearm in sub-zero temperatures, two things happen. First, the priming compound doesn't ignite as hot to properly initialize burning of the powder charge, and second, the gun powder itself is inhibited in its burning rate because of the lower initial temperature prior to the burn. This can cause enough drop in the chamber pressure to prevent the slide from being thrown back hard enough to reset the firing pin. Even if the slide is thrown back far enough to chamber another round, it has to travel that extra little bit to reset the firing pin. My belief is that the ammo is the culprit here with the -4 degree temps.

    You may wish to try different brands of ammunition and see if any other brand will work the action properly in those cold extremes. Different manufacturers will use different powders and priming compounds. Some powders are more affected by temperature changes than others.

    Always start with the easiest component when diagnosing this kind of problem and you might save yourself lots of trouble. In this instance, try different ammo.

  12. Is there any way you can drive (ie heater) somewhere and when you take the weapon out of the vehicle shoot it before it and the ammo has a chance to get cold?

    It would be interesting to see if that changes the results.
  13. Jackpine Savage

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    I resemble that remark. Or as my wife says "No brains no headache."

    I was trying not to have to send it back, but I guess I will. Thanks.
  14. Carry your mags in your armpit inside your shirt.90+ degrees.Then you will know in short.

    Good luck!
  15. Strangerous

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    Please tell me this is weather related and notother hipoint firearm manfunction.
  16. griff30

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    minus 4 degrees?
    Yeah thats a man card.
    Born again hard.
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    Sorry to say its another problem not weather related. I got it all nice and warm, and it still won't function. I've got it boxed up to send back to the factory.

    As to firearms and ammo having problems in the cold, I've deer hunted at colder temps without a problem, other than me getting cold.
  18. It can get too cold for a weapon to function. The Germans at Stalingrad found that their weapons would freeze up and not work because it got so cold.
  19. Junk?


    It is a $200 gun and not a $700 Berretta or a $1600 Armalite..

    But then again.. I've used Colt 1911's, Colt M-16's, M-4's, Berretta 92's, M-1 carbines, M-14's.. (mostly when I was still active duty about a bazillian years ago) and they all f***ed up at one time or another do to any number of reasons.. so.. guess they could all be considered junk to one degree to another.

    Sometimes, certain individual ones from a manufacturer will be "marginal" at the extremes and then others will function no matter what is done to it. I had one 1911 that would function no matter what was done with it.. dirt, mud, water, heat, snow.. now it rattled and would keep a 5 inch pattern but it damn well worked everytime. I've had another that would only except one brand of ammo and the temperature had to be right for it to function reliablely.. but that thing would print one hole groups at 25 yards when it did work. SO...

    Yup.. there are junk guns out there of every type and price.. you might have one.. I've had several and turned them into very functional weapons with a little work. And then again, I've had very cheap pieces of "junk" that outshot and functioned like it was the most expensive custom made gun out there.

    I have several weapons and each has a specific purpose.. a couple for hunting (depending on the critter and the environment), a couple for "Bug Out"/Social situations, a couple for personal self-defence, etc. My multipurpose "one-gun-for-any-occasion" is a Mossy 500 in 12ga. Depending on what barrel I slap on it.. it does most anything I "need" except CCL.. GRIN

    Main thing is .. if the one you have ain't good for ya.. make it good or get something different that works for you. And when you find that one thing that works good.. USE IT.. GRIN

    So.. just have fun.. find what works.. and don't get lost.. GRIN

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    Texas, I've had too many good guns fail to concider one junk just because it had teething problems. I guess the rebel in me wanted to either get information which I did, or start a friendly arguement. The guys I hunt deer with have had Browning BLRs freeze solid, repeatly, so they couldn't fire or work the action. I tend to be sparing with lube because I work and live in the cold.