4095 @ 50yards

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    I know that I am talking about a different rifle, but the general principles still apply.

    I bought a Try Glo scope for my SU-16, a few years ago, and the groups sucked with it. I was terribly disappointed because I rarely use any optics, and I had anticipated some improvement--not degradation in my groups. When I took it off and used the iron sights again, the groups tightened back up.

    I should have known that something was wrong, earlier, when I experienced so much play within each click setting of the knobs. All of that play was probably indicative of how much the reticule could move within the tube.

    Anyhow, I recommend that you reconfirm your 4095's inherent precision with the iron sights, too. That will help further confirm that your scope is the problem if you have any residual doubts.

  3. I am using a green dot CP Tactical optic on a .45 Auto Hi-Point carbine. I get worse groups with it beyond 20 yards, but I get good groups closer than that in low light situations. It is very difficult to see Hi-Point manufacturer iron sights in low light situations.

    With a home defense firearm all you need are good groups at 15 yards or closer. Very likely home invasion engagements are 5 yards or closer.