4095 at 50 yards

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    Well I've been looking forward to this for some time now!! There's good and baD!! The good news is that my 4095 shoots as well as I expected, MAYBE BETTER (my goal was 2 inch groups at 50 yards) !!!! The last two times I've had it out I had enormous swings in the elevation!! BE very CLEAR the problem lies in the UTG sight!!! The first time out i used the OE rail the second time out i used my new LongShot rail from LonsShot manufacturing!! This guy makes a really well developed product line of aftermarket parts for the HiPoint carbines!!

    After the few rounds that i spent dialing in the bore sighting here's what the first three rounds looked then 3/4 inch group then 4 inch elevation change! Finally I layed the 4095 on my lap, sight vertical, I COULD MOVE THE SIGHT BACK AND FORTH just a little but at fifty yards, that was plenty!!! The UTG sight will not lock down=(

    This was shot at exactly 50 yards at the phoenix Rod and Gun Club range! :dunno: Think I'm going to a scope because at 50 yards I was nearly covering the bull with the dot!!

    Thats exactly what i was getting with the OE rail!! COMMON DENOMINATOR UTG sight Model Number

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    I haven't taken my 995 out to 50 yards yet, but with Federal aluminum cased, 115 grain ball, I was shooting a ragged hole at 25 yards. The group was larger with Remington brass cased, 115 grain ball. My rifle seems to like the cheap Wal Mart Federal best...fine with me.