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  1. Price $150. barley used, less than 600 rds. bought new last fall, shot it and put it on the shelf. Local sale. Central Wa. state. Shipping and FFL prices are to expensive. Comes with one mag, trigger lock and sling. Offers accepted. This is a great gun, ask any one that has one. Add to your collection.

  2. In a better position financially, wish you were local :/

  3. Thanks, I'm sure some one close to home will
  4. Okay,here it is the price drop. $130.00 This will be the only price drop. I'll just leave it on the shelf if it doesn't sell.
    Thanks for looking.

  5. I'd snatch it up for that price. Are you sure you won't ship to FFL?! If so, I'll take it.
  6. It will cost less than $30.00 to ship it to a ffl in New Mexico.That will include insurance.You just need Primal to give you the info on his FFl.
    Both my 4095 and 995 came from PA.and it cost about $24.00 to ship each of them to central mo.
    Good luck and don't let the shipping slow you down.
    I gave $200.00 each for mine shipped.
  7. Got a chance to read this thread from work but couldn't log on. I had every intention of posting an I'll take it and pay shipping response. Guess who beat me to it?

    Congratulation PS, I hope he agrees to ship.

    Check to see if your FFL will accept shpments from a private party. If he won't, the seller will have to ship from his dealer to yours and that will cost more.
  8. He will, I already talked to him.
  9. Going to try and hold out for a local sale. When I give in, PrimalSeal you'll get a PM.

    Thanks , jim
  10. It will cost you another $20 to $30 extre when you have a FFl do the shipping.
  11. 4095 no longer for sale

    Cash flow problem has corrected. This 4095 is nolonger for sale.
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