4095 FTF problem

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  1. Hey folks,

    I bought a 4095 about a month ago.. I ran about 150 rounds of various brand ammo thru it.. I got FTF's on about the 3rd round of the magazine.. sometimes even a second FTF on the magazine. I contacted Hi-Point customer service and they sent me another magazine to try. It too had FTF jams similar to the original one.

    After searching this forum (the old one) I found a discussion where a 995 had a similar FTF jam. The round was stuck with the casing up against the feed ramp and the bottom edge of the bolt was jammed between the cartridge case shoulder and rim.

    I cleaned and "polished" the ramp but that didn't cure the problem, so after talking with the technician at Hi-Point, I shipped the 4095 back to them for "repair".

    Well, it came back yesterday. about 2 1/2 weeks have passed and I took it out to my range and it fired thru a couple of magazines worth without a hickup. They did a great job. Included was a note saying they replaced the barrel and the firing pin assy and test fired for full function.

    I am real pleased with Hi-Point and have enjoyed shooting my 4095. There is a 995 and a "when available" 4595 in my future.. GRIN

    Take care,

  2. Glad to hear they got it fixed for you. I love the fact that a company that sells lower end weapons takes such good care of us.

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    Awesome news man.
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    sounds like the same problems I'm having with my 995. Maybe it needs a personality adjustment from the factory...
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    Hipoints just give me the warm and fuzzys.A good gun at a fair price made by an american company with old style customer service.It seems like everytime you turn around these days someone is trying to screw you and hipoint is like a breath of fresh air.Thanks for posting Bullfrog :D