4095 FTF with hollow points

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  1. Hey gang,

    I posted earlier that I had a FTF problem with my 4095. To recap, it would jam about every third round of the magazine with the round pinched between the bolt and the ramp at a 45 degree angle. It would do this with any magazine I used.

    I sent the carbine back to Hi-Point and got it back in about 3 weeks. They had replaced the barrel and the firing pin. At first it worked fine with the magazines that they sent with it. I ran thru approximately 50 rounds of Remington and Winchester 155gr hollow points with no ftf. But recently, not having cleaned the carbine from the previous test, it started to have FTF problems similar to before I sent it in to Hi-Point.

    looking into the chamber area with the bolt locked back and a loaded magazine inplace, it looks as tho the round would be pushed almost straight into the top part of the ramp and into the chamber. There is almost an entire length of the round in freespace before the bulet would contact the ramp. Also I noticed that the bolt handle bolt was dragging along the top of the slot in the reciever shroud.

    I'm going to thoroughly clean it, and polish the ramp and also polish the lips on the magazine as was mentioned on a different thread. I am going to grind a little of the slot in the reciever shroud to give the handle bolt space to move without rubbing. I am also gonna pollish the bolt face where the cartridge base slides up the bolt face during feeding. hopefully all these "tricks" will make the round slide up the bolt face and into the chamber smoother than it is at the moment and with no drag to slow the bolt down.

    I'll let ya'll know if these "tricks" work and the hollow points start to feed properly again (Winchester SXT 155 and Remington 155).

    Ya'll have fun,

  2. hope you get those problems resolved. I've had a bit of the same issue(but not as often) with a particular brand of reloading bullets i've used.

    Btw, the op handle scrubbing againsit the receiver cover is pretty normal.

  3. Thanks for the update, please keep us posted.
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    When you cleaned it, did the cleaning rod hit the firing pin/ extractor? Sometimes that can be overly sensitive.