4095 manual hold open

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  1. Has anyone besides me ever have trouble with the manual hold open?
    Mine will not engage. The operating handle bolt rides against the top edge of the reciever shroud.This moves the roller out of alignment and it won't go.The roller does fit .just won't engage.
    I have another shroud and she not go either.
    If anyone has any ideas :?:
  2. I had a similar problem with my 995. I switched to Bushman98"s charging handle and now it functions as designed. Hope this helps.

  3. If the operating handle rides high, the top of the round spot in the cover needs to be filed so it will fit, or you can send it back to Hi Point and let them fix it.
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    I help mine out with a file.

    Mine worked but was a real PITA. extremly tight fit. I filed the handle portion to make the part that fits in the hole deeper and a bit smaller. The I put the manual bolt hoder open thingy majiger in the hole and twisted it a bunch.

    Any way it works great now. just needed to loosen it up a bit. I also noticed that the shroud was a little HIGH thus making insertion a little difficult aslo.

    I rmoved the shroud and paid close attention while reinstalling it, to line it up just right. Again

    I can not say enough for how AWSOME the 4095 is.

    After a few hundred rounds it just gets better.

    I would asume your problem is the alighnment of the shroud. The screws are not very tight so some adjusting may have acurred causing your difficulty.

    Good luck.
  5. Thayldt I am glad that someone likes the 4095 as much as I do, it seems that the 995 is the golden child and we are the red headed step childs LOL
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    Well I am glad to say that MANY months ago. before the boy was born. When I would go to the range a few people including a sorta buddy type guy, well at least a buddy when we wind up at the range at the same day.

    Well they have 995's any way the 4095 outshoots them all in accuracy and especialy when it comes to the 100 yards or further.

    And this is not limited to me shooting the 4095 and them there 995.

    We can switch and have on several occasions and the 4095 just out performs.

    May not look as perty as the ati'd 995 but performance speaks for itself.

    Down side. by the end of the day I have lost twice as much chedder in the ammo depo.

    But it sure is noce to be king of the carbine hill.

    Witch again for the ELEVENTEENTH time were is that darned 4595??


    It's worse than kids waiting for there Bday and Xmas, and snow days combined
  7. HELLO? What about me??? Note the screen name lol.
  8. Some guys get no respect Do thay?The nice thing about them is a pair of plires a file and a extra fine hook hone with 1 flat side and you can do a world of good on the trigger and not have a billion pieces (seems like) scatered all over.
    What round do you find is the best? Maker and weight.
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    ah 40 you know we'd treat you the same as any red head. :p
  11. STEP Children... :oops: I mean CHILDREN!!!! :wink: