4095 or 995 (comparing the calibers).

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    Is the extra power of the 4095 worth it over the 995? My GF and I just came home with her new 995, so one obvious benefit of me getting another 995 (waiting on the shops to restock) is that they will share the same ammo, and be internally and externally identical. Another advantage of the 9mm is that ammo is about 30-40% more for the .40S&W, so that will add up quite quickly. The dealer said since we just bought one, that he'd sell me another 995 for $179 or a 4095 for $189.

    For clarification, this is an entertainment / HD / general use weapon. Thus, while ammo pricing is a concern, so is effectiveness if there is a big difference. I do know that the 4095 is 1" longer, but in the store I could not tell the difference in my hands.

    Would it be worth it getting the 4095 over the 995?

    And, I apologize for starting another thread about this, since I know there are a few others. But I wanted more clarification and was hoping for more concrete evidence either way.

    Obviously, Im leaning toward the 9mm for all the reasons I stated, but would be willing to go the other way if it proves really beneficial.
  2. welcome jmac,

    if you don't mind i'm going to share my decision to buy my 995 because i was in a similiar situation about 2 weeks ago...

    i considered the obvious.. cost of ammo, which is shooting up pretty fast. my local wally world has been out of 9mm ammo for weeks, and
    i'm picking up (9mm), for my ccw.. (for me, the .40 was bulky..)

    i've also considered the "stopping power" of ammo for 9mm, and if you pick the right type, your 995 can do the job for HD, which mine is used for.

    finally, i really like what you can do with changing the stock of the 995, and the extras i've seen on this forum. i haven't seen any "tricked out" 4095. not sure you can have it done, unless you're a gunsmith or don't mind spending some extra money for one to the job for you.

    stay tuned because this is a good group of members who will give you some great help.. enjoy your hi point(s)..

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    Just wait till the 4595 comes out and get that one. 45 acp also costs less than 40 sw. Or at least everywhere I have looked. I too have a 995 for HD and will add the 4595 to it for the same reason. Till then I feel perfectly safe with the 995 doing the job. Not to mention the two 9mm pistols that shoot the same ammo, or the one 45 pistol waiting on its big bro to join the family.
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    I don't think I want to wait another 4-6 months for the .45 to come out, heh :cry: . I'm leaning toward the 9mm because I did a google search and the general consensus around different forums and sites seemed to be that the 9mm is plenty capable of doing the job. Any last convincing?
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    Buy either or both, they are cheap enough.
  6. JasonJ

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    just go buy another 995. no sense in adding another caliber to your armory, 40s&w is expensive, and if you choose your 9mm carefully, it will be just as effective.

    the cost savings of $10 is enough to get 50 rds of ammo..so just go 995.
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    I hate to disagree with anyone...wait, no I don't, I would go with the 40. Look at ballistics charts and you will see. While I do admit 9mm is far cheaper, I just don't trust the round as much for stoppage. Lots of folks would argue though. I also admit to buying the 40 because it shares ammo with my pistol. Whichever you decide, you won't be disappointed.
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    I just came home from buying the 995, I had the same concerns, did alot of looking at the ballistics and the fact of the same ammo as the c9=
    price of ammo helped me choose, that being said the 40 rates better in ballistic ,but the 9mm will get the the job done as well-IMHO
  9. Which is more important to you? HD or plinking? HD: 4095, plinking: 9mm. 'nuff said.
  10. JasonJ

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    out of a 16.5" barrel.. i think alot of the worries about 9mm being not as effective become moot. at increased velocity, its every bit as lethal with more than adequate stopping power.

    unless youre trying to stop someone with 115gr WWB.. um.. dumb..go with a good +P Hollow point..

    4095 is nice too though.
  11. We have both the 995 and 4095 , but if we were just starting out and the cost of ammo is a concern I would get another 995 . By having 2 of the same types of HD carbines you can swap mags .
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    i think since you already have the 995 and i am with you about ammo cost but i would go and buy the 4095 more power is worth cost. I myself would wait for and want the 4595 becaue it would have a little brother in pistolbut at the price i would have all of them and enjoy them all buy lots of 9mm for fun the 40 for hd and when it gets there the 45 be good for hd to and some hunting.
  13. Dual 4095s are one of the best ways to say no to a home intruder. Get some red dots on top as well.
  14. I have both carbines, and prefer the 4095.

    The round is not that much more expensive, and it is a more powerful round.

    Use the 995 for plinking, and the 4095 in more of a HD status
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    Man... Im really torn.

    What do you guys think of this?

    It sounds like a .40 doesnt have that much of an advantage over the 9mm. At least not so much to where anyone who had to use a 9mm would have wished they had a .40.

    Also, I have a concern that HP rounds would not penetrate deeply enough to really stop a BG. Is that concern unfounded for a rifle?
  16. [​IMG]

    That .40 wound channel looks better to me, IMO.
  17. JasonJ

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    get rid of the concern that hollow points wont penetrate far enough.. the problem is the opposite, FMJ penetrates too much.. easily goes right through people and things and hits objects that ARENT your target.

    a good quality hp designed for defense will penetrate the required amount and instead of going right through with tons of energy, it will stop in the BG, which means it dumps all of its kinetic energy into your attacker.. which is good.

    nevermind the fact that it expands and creates a wicked wound channel..
  18. JasonJ

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    ^ i wouldnt want to have ANY of those wound channels created in my body tissues.
  19. Ok then, I'll take the 9mm and you can take the 45 then :).
  20. JasonJ

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    lol. .. i think we'd both be in a world of hurt! lol. and depending on where hit, we may both be dead. (that part not so funny).

    bigger holes always better.. but sometimes, you reach a point of diminishing returns.. i think realistically all of the above choices are adequate, its more a matter of personal comfort in shooting said caliber.