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4095 price

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hey all... local (only gunshop other than pawn) sporting goods store has a 4095 for 179 OTD... good price? im thinking it is... but also odd cuz they have the 40 and 45 pistols for 239 and 249 which seem kinda high... but they do sell the 9 and 380 for 139 and 129...
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I would say thats a good price. I paid more than that for my 995.
Sounds like a pretty decent price to me if that is out the door.
I just called my local spot for Hi-Points about a 995: He has a camo one with a 4x32 scope on it for $230. He ordered some plain black ones for $180, that will be in in a week.
Thats a real good price.
Excellent price. I would snatch it up fast, if I wanted one. I paid $140 (OTD) for mine used.
Gosh darn it, Blankity blank blank.

I paid 250 for mine but I needed it.

I'd try and presure you into buying it.... You will not regret.
most 4095s black.. no scope go for well over $240...see:


so anything under $200 is a steal.
I paid $229 for mine. Came with 3 mags, sling, ammo pouch, and scope base.
Paid $180 for mine used out the door. (private seller) It included 300 rounds of ammo! :lol: I figure it really ended up costing me about $102 if I applied the cost of the ammo to the purchase price.
I think I paid around 200 for mine out the door at a gun show. Mine is plain black with no scope.
I paid 200 + ammo...good price, nab it while you can...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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