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    Hi All,

    I have been thinking about getting a 4095 to have a little longer range carbine than my 995. The factory stock on my 995 were extremely flexy; enough that it seemed to greatly affect the accuracy (I've since switched it to a ATI). Has anyone noticed this on the 4095 and what kind of 100 yard grouping are you all getting? Any favorite loads?
    I would get a Saiga / Mini-14 / AR but I don't want to have to introduce yet another caliber. Besides, I have a Garand and Model 1903 for much longer ranges. Thanks for the help,

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    4095 stock has very little flex. I can keep 10 rounds in the black of a 25 yard pistol target at 100 yards. Not a tack driver, but still within the 10 inch kill zone on most animals.

  3. At 100 yds using a red dot scope I can hit a 3 gallon bucket over and over again with little problems.

    Definitely a good shooter
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    the stock on my 4095 is quite rigid, feels solid in my hands and on the shoulder.

    My shooting experience is as follows: (copied from my hello post)

    Started out at about 25 yds. and fired (3) three round groups, all three clover leafs. (this after initial sighting in)

    Move to 50 yards and was able to put 3 in a 2 in. targdot.

    Went to 100 yards and as it was getting late and I was getting cold only fired one group of 3, 1 in the very center, one 3 inches left and the last 3 inches right for a 6 inch group at 100 yards with factory sights and 64 year old eyes.

    used factory iron sights and sitting down using a bench rest.

    I was very satisfied.
  5. my old one(probably 4-5 years old) was pretty flexy, but my new one is much more rigid. I've got bad eyes and I haven't had a real scope on mine in a while, but it can hold 6" groups at 100 yards with open sights.
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    theyve upgraded the stocks a couple times over the years.. so if your original carbine was 5yrs old or so, it may have had an older version.
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    Even if you pick up an older model with the flex, Hysol puts out a great 2 part product that mixes well and can be used to fill some of the smaller gaps between the stock's stiffening ridges. This will stiffen up any plastic stock out there.
    Word of caution, do only a few gaps at a time or you may take out too much flex adding felt recoil.