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    Hello all, I have been reading and learning from this forum for several months . This my first post. Recently bought a 4095 took it to the range today. I had a few ftf.After about 50 rounds the front sight came loose and the heat shield flew off. Should I just fix this my self or send it back to HP?
  2. Thayldt21

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    I would just fix it myself if it were mine. sound as if the allen screws were loose.

    as for failure to fire, Man I have no idea what could cause this except mag problems.

    My 4095 has countless rounds threw it with out a single prob of any kind. And i have shot every type of ammo I could out of it.

    I hope everything works out for you. Dig around the foruma nd see if you find your fix.

    If it was a used purchase I would consider sending it in.

  3. vallen

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    FTF usually refer to Failure to Feed. (which is my problem with my 995)
    9mm, let me know if thats your issue. I say mag issues too.
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    I load my own and my 4095 takes everything I feed it without a hicup.
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    The front site post is bad about coming loose. Either put some lock tite on it when you tighten it down, or get in the habit of checking it when you are getting your stuff setup to shoot.

    My 4095 had the hold open spring break after about 200 rounds. It started as failure to loads then it would not cycle at all, even manually. Other than that I had no problems with the rifle. I think they are a bit heavy and need a better trigger, but they are an excellent firearm for the money. If in doubt, send it to hi-point and let them check it out.
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    Thanks for responding everyone .I think ill just tighten it up and keep checking before I shoot. As for the failure to feed problem i think its a mag issue.