4095ts 2nd Range Trip or Fun With God And Guns

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  1. Went to my first meeting with the church group, God and Guns. We grabbed a bite to eat then broke out the Bibles for a little spiritual enlightenment. Afterwards we headed over to the local indoor range and I sighted in my new red dot and tested my 15 rd promag.

    It went pretty well with only 4 failure to feeds. I was thinking it was the promag since I had 3 of them with it but then had one with the factory mag. I'll have to keep testing them. Otherwise I had a blast. I ended up putting 118 rds through the gun.

    Here's my first grouping at about 12 yds. Braced on the lane table with 165 grain wwb. The higher 3 are before sighting in the red dot. Sorry about the pic. Don't know why it's sideways.

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  2. Here's my last grouping at 25 yds. They were standing shots with 165 grain wwb. It was low light in the range and i was wearing shaded glasses so I had a hard time seeing the target at 25yds and my grouping isn't great. Don't judge me.

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    Flipped your pic! :D

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