4095TS vs 4095TS Pro

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  1. Can someone please tell me the difference between these two besides what looks to be a magazine holder on stock ?!?!?!?!
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    You pretty much nailed it in your question.

    The 4095TS is the base model variant of the .40 S&W Carbine.

    The 4095TS Pro comes with the PP-40 kit which is a dual mag holder mounted to the stock, and 2 additional magazines.

    4095TS variant list

    4095TS Accessories

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    And how much more will the addition of this $40 item cost?
  4. that's pretty much what I thought.... looked on website and could not find an answer, thank you for links.... it is going to be an interesting battle in MA..... I put $ down on basic one but got denied for some bureaucratic reason here in MA...... I have my LTC yet the feds keep finding ways to slow things up and downright try and derail you at every turn
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    MSRP is $19 more than the base. It's in the links.

    On the shelf at the LGS? THOUSANDS!!!!
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    And I thought Jersey was bad! :bang:
  7. You got denied on the NICS check or was it just a delay? I've seen the same guys get delayed over and over -very aggravating.
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    Plus, you have to install it :p

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    Change your name to Muhaddi Goatpoker and they will approve you right away! :D