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I am currently on the waiting list for a Hi Point Model 4095. From what I have read here, alot of people end up going for the 9mm carbine and using the ATI stock. My question is, is there a comparable aftermarket stock available for the 40cal version, be it ATI or another brand, or does the same ATI stock fit both versions?
Can't wait to get my Hi Point.

Thanks in advance

hi-point is supposed to put out there own replacement stock for the 40cal..when the 45 comes out it will already have the new design in place so no need to change..

as far as the 9mm carbine goes im not sure but i heard ,the new replacemnt stock made by hi-point will be for the 9mm also

note to self..maybe i wil buy the ATI stock for my 9mm carbine instead of waiting for hi-points...and just add the replacent stock on the 40cal i intend on buying.that way i get both designs !
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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