.40S&W Range Report

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  1. Today I went to the local outside shooting range and had a very good day.
    This is with 180 gr. UMC ammo at 25 feet.
    This one and...
    This one are with unknown wadcutters at 25 feet.
    This is my .40 and its target. I also was shooting cans at 25 feet and watching them fly far into the air!
    This is the ammo that I was using today. It was sunny and 50 degrees and a little breeze. I think that I did pretty good considering that the wadcutters would not feed the first round off of the clip. With the wadcutters I had 3 FTFeed, but all fired!
    Going again soon.
  2. Great shooting.

    Sorry to hear about the FTF. Hope that works out better for you next time.

  3. Even with the differences in ammo, the groupings are pretty consistent for 25 ft! Nice shooting! Put that target on a BG at a 10 ft combat range and he's lunchmeat!!!
    I've heard alot about wadcutters not feeding well in many semi's. I think they work best in revolvers.
  4. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia....... man, the Lord was in a good mood that day, what beautiful country.

    Good shooting there sir!
  5. Excellent shooting man, that's good stuff!