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Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by bersa2, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. bersa2

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    My new Safir Upper, on the right. Fits on a standard AR lower. 13 rnds of semi auto .410.

  2. +p+9mm+p+

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    that is sweet lol... great for your wife/gf to use in home defense lol. 5 pellets of 00 buck work wonders i would imagine against a bad guy lol.

    .410 is GREAT since the introduction of the judge (i hate the judge pistols) but the ammo creativity went through the roof lol.
  3. bersa2

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    I have a Judge that I enjoy, it is what got me .410 friendly. This was too unique to pass on, and the price was right which didn't hurt.
  4. Nice. I would love something like that.

    BTW - My M4 has the same Punisher skull on it.
  5. I'm pretty sure a 410 upper is on my want list. I have a Judge (which I love) and this would be an excellent compliment to it.
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    I have been looking for a 410 home defense pump gun for a while.. Single shots are pretty easy to locate around here in the local pawns... But pump guns are on the scarce side. There are a few around, but they only chamber 2 or 3 rounds with one in the tube,, I am looking for a full length mag with like an 18 inch barrel...
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    How accurate is the Judge with 45Colt? I saw the Circuit Judge in a Wal Mart in Wichita and liked it, but I've seen many comments from guys who HAVE NOT owned one who say accuracy is garbage due to the jump the slug has to make from chamber to forcing cone.
  8. I'd be happy to answer this, but I don't want to hi-jack Bersa's thread.
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    Uppers or complete guns are available. Uppers don't require an FFL.
    I was very intrigued by the Circuit Judge, but this was about the same price.
    I haven't shot much .45LC, but I been happy with the results so far.
    I'm more than happy to hear some info from Yeoldetool on the subject, I'll consider it thread enrichment not hijacking.
    I'm thinking an Umbrella Corp sticker for this new one.
    I hope to shoot it tomorrow.
  10. Well then, to answer duster's question, I'm quite pleased with the accuracy out of the the Judge. We were having monthly contests before the forum was bought by the new owners. In some of those contests I used my Judge and actually won an award or two with it. I honestly don't think you'd find many Judge owners who aren't happy with it's accuracy.

    The first picture is one of my winning targets. It was shot from 10 yards, slow fire, two at each target, and one at each "dot" for bonus points. The second pic is a 7 yard double tap with 3" mag .410 ga. 5 pellet 00 buck.

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    Well range day was a let down. Lots miss feeds and FTE's. Clearing one my thumb got bit by the bolt carrier, the ejector makes a sharp tooth. Shot less than 50 rounds before putting this one up for the day. On a positive note I had no issues with my Brownells/CMMG .22 kit for my AR. Looks like it reached "break in".
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    Will that chamber and fire the 45 LC as well as the .410? A 45 LC automatic would be pretty sweet in an Ar pistol platform :)
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    In theory it could be done. Non rifled barrel. Manufacturer makes no mention of using .45LC.
  14. wow, really neat setup, my wife would love to shot that gun!

    I wouldn't mind giving it a go either :)
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    It has received a thorough cleaning and lube. Now that Thanksgiving and my on call rotation are done Im going to try to get to the range again soon.