.410 handgun for home defense

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    What are your thoughts on guns like the Judge or Governor?

    After taking my last gun class, I got to thinking more about safety and collateral damage. So to start, I live in a townhome. Open walls on 3 sides, neighbors on 1. It would be hard for someone to get to the side where the neighbors are, but trying to think of safety and not wanting something to penetrate and injure someone else in the event of an issue.

    Was thinking .410 birdshot for 1st round, the #4 buck for second and the rest filled with 45 LC. Kinda like steps of lethality based on need. Just concerned about time to escalate through to the strongest level. Figured birdshot would not penetrate much, but would also stop anyone not over the edge on drugs. The buck would slow anyone down and thinking 3 .38 sized holes in them could be fatal. Lastly, the .45 LC killed enough cowboys back in the day, I feel it could take anyone down.

    Not going to rush out right away and buy one but was thinking through if that was a reasonable logical idea.

    Maybe I am just trying to create an excuse to add yet another to the collection ;)
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    Not out of personal experience but the powers that be, the gun gurus seem to be pretty much set on the idea that birdshot is not a viable home defense option.
    In your setup you only only have 4 'lethal' shots available out of what was 6.

    Iraqveteran8888 on YouTube has down penetration testing with shotgun loads and so has box'o truth.
    Google that names as I may have gotten the spelling wrong.

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    Birdshot will piss them off and then they kill you... It will mark them up, so if you want to "tag" someone for police to be able to find them easier to have someone to charge with murder its great. I have spring powered BB guns that penetrate further in targets than bird shot does.. Buckshot is great if you can put the rounds on target, but you lose a lot of velocity and power out of a pistol compared to a shotgun. It can be used for home defense from a pistol, but I would rather have something higher capacity or more stopping power myself...
  4. Skip the bird shot. Get pdx-1 .410 handgun loads. And buck shot. There isn't much velocity so I doubt they would go threw walls and still.be lethal. If they made it threw both layers of drywall etc.
  5. geekandwife

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    And if you were really concerned about penetration, get a .223 . That will fragment with modern ammo on a sheet of plywood.
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    I'd go to bet the bad guy would not want to get shot with a .410 slug.
  7. I have a Governor and a Judge. The Governor will shoot 45acp and the Judge will not, The governor is a 6 shot the Judge is a 5 shot, the Governor has a front night sight, the Judge does not, the Governor has Titantium pins, the Judge does not. I like them both and really it comes down to what you want to spend.

    I use Hornady Critical Defense slug/00 combo...its devistating on targets!
  8. johnnyBgood

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    That may want to be reconsidered.

    Of course this wasn't scientific, there are variables to consider, taping if and tape, insulation, type of drywall, studs, pipes, conduit, etc. I think it give a good idea as to the potential energy on impact of drywall.
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    What a piece of crap. ;)
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    I read the box o truth articles and am familiar with iraqvet8888 so I have seen some of those. I was just trying to think a bit more about safety.

    My thought process went like this. A fair amount of people will run as soon as they see a gun.

    More will turn after a shot is fired whether they know its birdshot or not.

    I figured the buckshot (or the PDX rounds) on the 2nd round would be lethal (from the tests I saw -especially with 3 38 sized slugs) but less penetrating power. I figured this shot could be fired relatively quickly and handle a more aggressive attacker. The ones who didnt run the first time, would be running here (or shoot maybe just madder at me - as some said above)

    Then lastly, the 45 LC should be as deadly as my .45acp, right and at this point its do or die.

    I currently have a 9mm, .40, .45 (pistol and carbine), a couple of .22s , a 12 gauge and a mosin. I can use any of these for home defense.

    I think I was really looking for a reason to buy the governor (nod to Dewiejr) because it could also shoot the .45 acp. I know I can over think it but this is part of what I enjoy about the hobby :)
  11. ArmyScout

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    If going .410 use the PDX1. I have shot them. They are bad a$$.
  12. Ok I'll just admit it, get the Governor...it's worth the extra money. The only regret I have with the Governor is that I bought it the week it was released and now it's available in stainless.:mad:
  13. forgotenpast

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    as a self defense weapon i would load up 45 LC and forget the 410 capabilities, they are a lot of fun to shoot at coffee cans but i just do not personally trust it for self preservation
  14. SWAGA

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    You've already decided to use lethal force, that's what the police, a judge and a jury will think.

    If you decide to shoot it needs to be with something 'real'.
    In an extreme case you may only be able to get one shot off.

    Just my opinion, nothing else.

    There are a lot of videos by Ayoob on YouTube, he's one of the gurus on self defense that has a 'real' background. As in he's been a real cop not a mall ninja.
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    much like me you probably don't need a reason to go out and buy a new gun other than "I want that!"

    Self defense wise it may be a good gun loaded with birdshot or buck to avoid putting pellets through your common wall(not a problem i have to deal with) but i think under stress would you remember your loading order? is it possible that you might think your sending birdshot down range and in fact its 45lc? Under stress i find it hard to believe that anyone would remember a loading order ir if that cylinder was rotated just one position while reloading or handling your firearm that could e catastrophic.

    Much like the 22 i think the 410 is a viable self defense choice.(not what i choose) but it sounds like you have so many other more viable choices. If your concerned about over penetration try frangible rounds.

    Personally i want a judge or governor as a good camping/backpacking gun. I think the 410 would be more practical for snakes than home invaders.

    I intend on checking out some 9mm shotshells later this month for some potential snake killing options.
  16. I get a kick out of all you gurus. If you haven't done your own testing you're simply reverbing what you've read on some sort of media. Ever hear "believe none of what you hear and only half of what you've read"? You should try that.

    Believe this, NO ONE wants to get shot at close range with bird shot! Lethal? No. It will however cause a reaction that won't be anything like being pissed off. It will cause severe pain, bleeding, retreat, OMG I've been shot!, and if shot placement is right.... blindness.

    Would it be my choice for SD? Absolutely not. Nor would a 90 gr. 410 slug. Those have their uses, but it's not for SD.
  17. beaglenc

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    Whatever you chose, whatever round, whatever platform, I am in the school that the first shot is the most important and should be as lethal as it can be.

    If I decide I need to drop the hammer on someone in my residence, I want the target stopped, and dropped. I do not want a wounded goblin creeping around in my house.

    There is no "perfect" round. Each person needs to find what they consider the right balance of stopping power and penetration. I will always err on the side of getting penetration on the target.
    2 cents and only an opinion.
  18. Moestooge

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    I'd rather go with a short-barreled .410 pump like the Mossberg.
  19. geekandwife

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    Work at a hospital have see several hunting accidents from 12 gauge shotguns with birdshot. They were not pretty but every single one of them walked in under their own power to the ER. You do not shoot to wound you shoot to stop a threat. I do not believe birdshot is effective from a pistol to do that in enough cases to recommend its use. Some time pooping your pants will stop an attacker, but I don't tell people it is a good self defense strategy. Heck I have stopped a fight by stripping buck naked before, but that doesn't mean it is reliable

  20. So, you agree.