.44 Magnum

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  1. I am thinking about getting a .44 magnum pistol for hunting and later on getting a lever action rifle in the same caliber.

    What are everyones feelings about cartridge and possible pistols to go along with it.

    I have looked at a used Ruger Super Blackhawk at one of the local stores that is about $480 but don't know if I want something used or new.

    As far as lever guns go I am thinking about a Winchester since I have a 30-30 of theirs already.

    All input is welcome.
  2. I have a Marlin 1894 .44Sp/.44Mag lever rifle and love it. Due to back problems I use shorter cased .44 Specials loaded to about 1000fps max and its way more accurate than I thought it would be. Couple co-workers use the same gun with full power mags and never have a problem dropping whitetail or hogs out to 125 yards. For shooting full powder magnum loads on a regular basis the Marlin is a stronger gun and will last much longer than the split receiver Winchester or Win Clones.

    For a hunting handgun in .44Mag, I think the Ruger Red Hawk, Super Red Hawk or Super Black Hawk is best of the best. They can both handle really heavy bulleted bear loads that would destroy a lesser revolver, so its hard to not get something built like a tank when you will be shooting heavy hunting loads regularly.

    As far as the .44 cartridge goes... it's one of the most useful all around cartridges you can load for. I run .44 Specials cased loads right at 1000fps for my Marlin rifle and between 850/900fps for my 4" Taurus 441 revolver. I load 180gr, 200, 220 and 240gr bullets using Unique or HP38 powder and have been having a blast. I have some factory .44Mag loads and a few mag cases, but dont use em right now for any of my shooting or loads. Later on I plan on getting a mag chambered revolver and switching over to mag cases only but still keep the velocity and recoil down to a level I can manage without giving my back fits.

    Below is a pic of my Marlin and Taurus. Also in the pic is the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special (2.5" barrel) but I no longer have it.