.45 acp carbine

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  1. awe4fire

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    is there in the works or ever a plan for a .45 version of you 9mm and 40 cal? i wpould bee very intersted if there was? it was a thought due to the shear amount off 9mm carbines on the market but lacking for .45
  2. JasonJ

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    waaaay ahead of you d00d.

    theres already a pre-production prototype. its expected out anytime between this winter and next year.

  3. I was looking for the thread that we already have posted on it, but I forgot where it's at.
  4. Thayldt21

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    its under carbines
  5. HPHooked

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    Calling Hi-Point.Lady,

    Any further information on the release date for this carbine. We've all been chomping at the bit for over 2 years. Please give us some feedback on it.

    Thank you very much.
  6. duker_sponk

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    I can't wait for it.
  7. Its due to be released between now and infinity.
  8. It should be released by October of this year.
  9. It's like StarCraft 2, Diablo 2, and World of Warcraft expansions... take the expected release date, add 3 years lol.
  10. you mean the release date will be sometime in my life time?
  11. griff30

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    How old are you? Do you still buy green bananas?
  12. Deltaboy

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    The website says Fall 08