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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by DPayton, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Ok so I am looking for some input I have purchased and love firing my Hi-Point .45 ACP great gun and my first hundred rounds fired flawlessly great accuracy smooth operation just great. That was factory loaded ammo. I have since started hand loading my ammo to save money and it is enjoyable. Here is my problem though it seems to lock back occasionally like the clip is empty but it isn't a quick little pull back then it chambers the round so the question becomes what am I doing wrong on my hand loads they are cleaned well all dimension are checked they are trimmed. Anybody else had to deal with this any possible things I could look at to correct this? Thanks in advance for any help great forum.
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    Didn't someone have this problem a few months ago IIRC? Check the LRHO lever and spring for proper tension and install. The lever pivots on a shoulder on the primary barrel pin. If the pin isn't seated against the frame the lever can float around. If none of this solves the problem trouble shoot. Think of everything that could hold the slide open and eliminate each.

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    There are a few things I would check right off.

    1. Is the magazine clean and the float working smoothly.
    2. Are the magazine tabs putting too much pressure on the cartridge.
    3. Are the cartridge diameters within specification.
    4. Is the gun well lubricated.
    5. Are the cartridges a hot-load creating over-pressure, or:
    6: Are the cartridges too light of a load for proper cycle energy.
  4. Had the same problem on mine. Removed the left grip and found the spring anchor pin had broken off the frame.
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    Thanks everybody I will check it out tonight and I may have to increase my powder I started with the min charge thanks again.