45 acp loose clip, and safety

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  1. I bought a used 45 acp a couple weeks ago for $99.00. I am new to owning a handgun. So I bring my new firearm home to further check it out only to find out the slide safety is loose. It will not hold the slide back. Also the clip seems loose. I do know it is the older model. So I decided to take the gun apart to clean it, and decided to try to fix the safety issue. I put some masking tape on the back side of the safety. It works, but I do not trust it to work for very long. Will I need to send in the gun for repairs, or is this something I can do? I will call tech support today about the problem.
  2. Pictures would help, as would knowing which particular model .45 (is it a Haskell? or is it a JHP?) etc.

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    Well that's one way to do it. Putting a small bend in the safety tends to work too. Or call HP and ask them to send you a new safety.
  4. It is the jhp model. I called hp yesterday, and they are sending me a new safety. Regarding the clip. The original clip is the one that is loose. I bought a new clip which is not as loose as the original. And thank you for the replies.
  5. Lot of good information and folk on this forum. Stay tuned!
  6. I received the new safety yesterday, installed it, and works great. Thank you High Point for your professional response, and fast shipping. I am a true believer in High Point now.