45 acp

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  1. Picked this up at a gun show a month ago haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.....looks cool...but some weight!....tell me something about it...
  2. Got a pic?

  3. SWAGA

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    .45 JHP owner here myself.
    You can get flush fit magazines to get rid of that battery pack look.
    It’s plenty accurate.
    As usual with a used gun, call HP and ask for a spring kit and spare firing pin.
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  4. histed

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    What Swaga said. Start doing curls and any other exercise that builds up your arms - that sucker IS heavy! Mine is very accurate with anything I've fed it - it'll eat anything. I've shot 230 grn hardball, 200 grn HP, 185 lead SWC and everything in between. Factory and handloads. Softest shooting .45 you'll ever have because of the weight. Mine likes to run wet
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    One would think that after 12 years of being a forum member and wanting to have a JHP for 6 of them, you would have perused one of the HUNDREDS of topics about them.

    I'm reminded of you recycling posts about your 4595 and claiming Redball magazines wouldn't fit in your 995 classic. At which point a member called you out because his mags fit his classic, and you suddenly blamed it on the hollow points.
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  6. cicpup

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    Why? Never seen a JHP before?
  7. Description is 45 acp and heavy.
    Could be a Haskell.
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  8. Dubar

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    Or a Ruger P90.
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  9. Quavodus

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    I love my JHP, it runs everything good.
  10. Moestooge

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    Mine gobbles all brands of ammo, is accurate and fun to shoot. Who could ask for more at a Hi-Point price?
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  11. Hmm......and I'm thinking about selling mine..:duh:
  12. lklawson

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    Now is the time to do it. You could likely get NIB price for your used gun.

    Peace favor your sword,
  13. magnut

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    Ha Ha.....Haskell is not heavy just Blocky. Masterpiece arms with a 30rd grease gun mag ... thats heavy.
  14. Hipointer

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    I would not sell it. Even if you did get close to a NIB price, your only talking a couple hundred at best...small money for what you will get out of it in shooting and home defense. JMHO
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