.45 and C9 report

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    Well I finally made it out to shoot both guns. I am not the best handgun shooter out there, but both guns seemed pretty accurate. The C9 had only one stovepipe in about 150 rounds through it (4 mags, 3 8rd and 1 10rnd). Only reason it stovepiped was because I was messing around with just one hand and I limp wristed it in my left hand. The .45 had no problems with around 100 rnds through it. Felt recoil on both guns is near identical, which is a cool deal. Both guns also had the Hogue universal grip on them which is a great little addition (as most of you know).

    Also, one of the guys with me had his new .45 with him and it went flawlessly too. He's a member here so I won't elaborate, I'll leave that up to him.

    Lastly, I may have even ended my other friends gun snob ways (at least with Hi Point)!!! He admits they are nice little guns and felt a lot better than he expected although he still liked the other guys Taurus 24/7 9mm better. He also says he may pick up a .45 HP when he has a chance "Nice pistol for the price" he says. Good enough for me... :)