.45 and C9

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    Finally made it out shooting. Both the .45 and the C9 were flawless, about 150 rnds through the 9, and 100 rnds through the .45

    I guess the key is to load the mags and let them sit. Although, the .45 mags had not sat loaded for more than a week, they had no trouble. All in all I am really impressed. They both ate any ammo I gave them, American Eagle and Aguila in the .45, Blazer alum and WWB in the C9.
  2. Thats awesome!!!! Great day at the range when you have no issues!!!!

    Where are the pics????

  3. I was about to ask the same question....
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    Sorry guys, no pics...my cell phone is really bad for pics. Another newer member here is also my co-worker and he got some good video on his phone that day of him shooting my AR15.

    I did have one issue, I was messing around one handing my .45 and C9 at the same time and I limp-wristed the C9 into a stove pipe...my bad. Other than that, they were flawless!! Co-workers .45 was flawless also, so thats great too.

    If I get out shooting this weekend, I'll take a few pics.