.45 cal mag ?

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    does hi point make a 45 mag without that large bumper on the bottom :?: is it removable ?
  2. There is nothing on the market at of right now for the current JHP .45 other than the standard mag. I have seen some people cut and modify it, but that takes some skill and tools.

    Stay away from the older HP .45 mag with a flat bottom. It will not fit the current model.

  3. too bad. i don't like the look of that big bumper either.
  4. Really? I like that look for some reason. I was disapointed that my 9mm carbine didn't have that rubber bumper on the mag.
    But then again, I like cold weather when it seems everyone else likes hot weather...
  5. if you are handy with tools you can modify a 1911 clip to fit. they work good for me
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    Do tell big jim, give us some details