45 carbine, Big Foot, Lockness Monster

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  1. All rumored to exist but no one has ever taken a good picture of any one of these elusive creatures.

    All joking aside, is Hi Point actually going to manufacture this, I'll believe it when I see it.
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    i gotta assume they are.. just because when I got my NIB 995... with all the paperwork in it, there was that orange? paper and it listed parts that you can buy for the: "995, 4095, and 4595" (printed on paper)

    gotta assume its gonna come sooner or later just because of that. if i can find it, i can take a pic of it (the paper)

  3. The poor guy that is supposed to be making the 4595 is probably busy helping make new 995's and 4095's to try and keep up with demand, and fixing the carbines that we manage to break.

    Remember, this is a small company compared to Glock or Remington. I can visualize the lady that answers the phone sitting there fixing a weapon as she takes orders or routes calls. LOL
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    Bigfoot is buried in my backyard, at least thats my story and I'm sticking to it, if they ever dig up that body.There's a large no solicitation sign at the entrance to my subdivision and being a Jehovah's witness in no way absolves you the responsibility of reading that sign.I've never been to Scotland so if the Loch Ness monster is dead you will have to pin that on someone else.The 4595 is a magic trick done with smoke and mirrors, once again not my fault if it doesn't magically appear!
  5. It will be released sometime in the fall of this year.

    This is information that I recieved from Charlie at MKS Supply, a good buddy of mine.

    Hope this helps.
  6. The 4095 and the new stock are still an enigma. When MKS finally gets them to market is when I will believe it actually exsists. I am like many of you guys and am anxiously wait the day when I can get one, but have learned not to hold my breath as it takes forever to produce the product.
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    Deleted the double-posting. Just a heads up
  8. just ordered 2 mags, and i sent a reply to the confirmation email, and was told the 45 carbine should be out this fall...
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    I wonder if one could trade in a 995 for it?
  10. Well, due to the fact that I talked to Charlie yesterday on the phone, I think I have some information that you guys might like to know. However, if you want to continue to believe that it will be forever before it is released, I guess I won't argue with that, believe what you want to.
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    just a thought but.......why would a manufacturer that makes a bunch of new firearms want to trade for a used one?
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  13. I'll bite...

    I'll bite, whats the word.
  14. If they cant keep carbines on the shelves now, I doubt if they will be too worried about getting their new carbine to sell.

    They have great customer support, but can only go so far before they start putting themselves out of business from kindness ;)
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    Well the problem with this thread is two fold.

    1) We have footage of Big Foot near a river.

    2) We have photos of nessy surfacing.

    Well H.P.! Its time to fold or call! What do ya have?!
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    I'll bite, too. Is it made of titanium?? :twisted: Sorry, Primal. Everyone else says it...
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    actual pictures of the new stock have been released and posted.. old news now.
  18. Basically they will come out with it when they come out with it. No need to fuss and moan about it, it wont change a thing.
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    I even sent an email playing dumb about their warranty... and asked about a "cool baretta storm looking hipoin at the range" but it said "Hi-Point" on the side of it!!! Told it was aftermarket, and they were working on a new stock, she sent pics, and a CAD drawing (2 views) of the new stock, but they were both posted here already.

    the .4595.... It's gonna be sweet when GLOCK comes out with them!
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    But it might make us feel better! As for myself, I patiently await its arrival, it will look nice in my safe.

    Now the tricky part is convincing my wife why I will have 3 guns that look exactly the same. I suppose I would have to show her the different bullets and explain that each one is special in its own way.