.45 Carbine - Skunked again(?)

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by rnichol7, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Here is the description from the 2008 Shot Show web site for Hi-Point (booth 113) (emphasis added by me):
    So has anybody seen the .45 carbine? I have tried repeated Google searches for 2008 Shot Show pics and have come up with nothing (on the carbine).

    The Hi-point web site has nothing.

    Are they just toying with me :?:

    Hi-point, if your out there somewhere...anywhere...please give me a sign, let me know that I don't have to go broke buying a UMC...Just one picture is all I'm asking for....
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    Just think of all the free publicity and hype HP has been generating by teasing us with these little tidbits.

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    i would'nt mind having a .45 carbine but like the rest of you i wont wait forever at some point i'll simply lose interest or have spent the money on something else..

    im in a similar situation with beretta px4sc..

    they keep delaying it i've already made up my mind if i find a taurus 909 before the px4sc finally hits the dealers i'll spend my money on it and beretta will have to wait.

    hyping something up is one thing but delay to long and people will simply lose interest.
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    Actually I have been thinking of a Mac-10 45 carbine for around $400 and then after tithing $200 to the BATFE for the privilage of a silencer, making a nice 2 stage silencer....It's legal in my state, why not?
    I have a bunch of grease gun mags and some of the newer Macs use them. 30 rounds rules.
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    It wont be much longer...
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    I noticed on the Hi-Point web sit they have raised the suggested prices on the carbines. I definately think the 45 will be a higher priced item.

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    Not from me you havent! :lol:
  11. Now I might just go for a 45 carbine if/when it hits the market.
  12. I think someone at HP is not happy with their job and they keep leaking rumors of the 4595. I don't think there is much hope about ever seeing one in my life time. :?
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    I remember reading somewhere that they are really making the 4595 but it is just taking longer than they expected.

    I also know that it WASN'T at the SHOT show, so you won't find any pictures about it.

    This reminds me of the Nintendo 64 when it was being developed and eventually launched. Nintendo hyped the hell out of it, and ended up delaying its launch 18 months. By the time it had hit the shelves Square bailed out on them and jumped to the Sony Playstation and with it took the Final Fantasy Series.

    Nintendo almost went BK on the N64 Disaster, simply because they hyped and hyped and hyped, and than failed to deliver.

    I just hope Hi Point isn't in the same boat and gets this carbine out soon before to many people buy other products. I also hope that when it does launch it was worth the wait.
  14. Firsr off I would like to commend Hi-Point for not releasing a 45 carbine on the market that is so full of (BUGS) that most of them are being sent back for repairs like Kel-Tec did with their P3AT 1st gen. POS. I too got tired of waiting and purchased a 40 carbine and have no regrets. I will in time get a 45 after they have been out about a year so the bugs will surface and have gotten straighten out.
  15. That is the reason I bought a 40. just got tired of having to wait.BUT i will get a 45 if thay ever do come out ,when thay do come out.
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    I will be buying the 4095 and don't care anymore if HP makes the 4095. My father in laws 4095 is a far better build than the 995. It was also quite with wolfe Ammo! Very quiet!
  17. I think the long delay on the 45 carbine has been for good reason. Why release a firearm that still needs to get the kinks worked out, better to spend extra time to get it right at the production level rather than have problem guns on the market. That would result in a bad rep for the entire brand name and really hurt future sales of their entire line of firearms.
  18. Working the kinks out now will save them a customer service nightmare and lessen the amount of online complaining that would happen. Like ,any of you, I just wish they would hurry up so I can get one.
  19. Since we're no longer living under the Assault Weapons Ban, are they going to increase magazine capacity?
  20. My guess would be no.