.45 Carbine Update!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by 4095fanatic, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Just got off the phone with HP. Apparently they're ironing out a bug with the stock, and they're shooting for end of summer. I was told "hang in their fan!". I love those people, so nice lol.

  2. Man they tease us so bad. But like everyone else I can wait to atleast see it. Im hoping for a nice looking stock design
  3. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    Whenever it comes out I will buy one. Call it OCD or whatever to have one of each caliber, but I WANT ONE.
  4. I'll get one after I pick up the 4095. I'll just have to jealous of all you guys for a while.
  5. HPHooked

    HPHooked Member

    Have a 995 and 4095. Been waiting for the 4595 for this long, what's a few more months?? [this is sounding familiar :p]
  6. Jefferson

    Jefferson Guest

    I think I'll start budgeting for one. 45 carbine would be the deal now! :twisted:
  7. Glennfrank

    Glennfrank Member

    I hope they actually do release it soon. Been waiting a long while.
  8. jason865

    jason865 Guest

    You didnt happen to ask them which summer they were talking about did you?
  9. Haha this one :). But good thinking!
  10. Kyu

    Kyu Senior Member Member

    Any idea of the MSRP?
  11. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    i dont know what the msrp will be.. but im guessing with 995's going for 160, and 4095's going for 170.. that the .45 will probably be 190, or more likely 199.99 around my parts..

    thats just a guess.
  12. I hope they're making a lot of them...
  13. mattk

    mattk Guest

    man, a .45 carbine would be great. i will definetly buy one. but .45 ammo is expensive, so it would also be my entry into the world of reloading. oh well that is something i have wanted to learn for awhile. :D
  14. Lashlarue

    Lashlarue Guest

    Ammo is the least of my problems, I sold my only 45acp pistol, so I have 300 rounds gathering dust and 500 rounds of brass and bullets doing the same.I'm not equipped to do 9mm and at this point in time it is not cost effective to reload. The brass from the 200 rounds I've put through my 995 is still at the range along with at least 10,000 from other shooters, I guess they clean it up when it gets ankle deep.Until I see one the 4595 is still in the category of an unicorn!
  15. Lash,
    I'll pay the shipping for any of the 9mm brass you send me! :wink:
  16. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Guest

    I want one to go with the 45 cal pistol
  17. With new stock...sweet

    I sure hope those new .45s come out with the new stock that they had paictures of. That would be one sweet weapon. Not much to mod on that. Well maybe a little....
  18. yesiam

    yesiam Guest

    hmmmm ...

    Well, "my cousin" actually has a '54 Corvette gathering dust, so maybe HP really believes it will "work it out".
    I'm wondering if the innovative and utilitarian 995 'chassis' / innards are having difficulty holding up to the pounding imposed by .45 cal. energy.
    It's probably taking alot more redesign and retooling, than was the case in the smaller step-up to the 40S&W.