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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by awe4fire, Mar 17, 2008.

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    with the SHOT show come and gone. Has any see or hear of the mythical .45 carbine?
  2. I snapped a blurry photo of one with my camera phone when I went hiking in the woods before it slipped away.

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    being held by bigfoot eh?
  4. There are enough threads about the 4595 on the forum, do a search for them and they are pretty easy to find.

    My information from Charlie at MKS Supply is that the 4595 will be released to the public around the time of the NRA show later this year. They already have a complete weapon, it's about to go into production.
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    Why companies do this pseudo leaking is beyond me!

    I bought a Beretta Neos pistol after Beretta said it was releasing a carbine kit for it as well. This has now been years ago, and the carbine kit is still vaporgun. Our motto should be "Don't tell us about it until it is ready. Don't tell us about what is coming out soon. Don't tell us about the soon to be released ......... Just let us know when it is ready. Thank you.
  6. I try not to agonize over the weapons that I do not have and enjoy the ones that I do have. A lot less stress and frustration in the long run
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    I saw a comment on another forum to the effect that the 4595 was to be released "in a couple of months". I e-mailed Charlie Brown, and he told me that it would probably be Sept - Oct.

    We've heard projections on release for so long that I''m going to have to hold an actual weapon in my hot little hands before I accept that it's really in production.
  8. Re: Why companies do this pseudo leaking is beyond me!

    Really!?!? It never came out? At one point in the last 6 months or so I saw something they put out for the kit and marked it a "Re-design"
    Silly me I assumed that meant the first one actually shipped.
    A guy I worked with and I were looking at the Neos in party because of the kit. But we never did find a kit for sale. Now I know why.
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    Glock was the same way with the claimed "Glock Carbine" and its been six years and no gun. I think the .45acp version of the Hi-point carbine will not be released until after the elections to see if another AWB is on the horizon. As Hi-Point has been listed on every attempt to renew the AWB I myself would not put the money into producing a new carbine if a new AWB was just around the corner with the next administration.
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    orderd some mags wednesday and the lady said it is coming out late summer early fall
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    I sure hope so, I really like my 995 and want to add the 4095 and 4595 to the pile :p