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  1. Hi guys :lol: finally got to go out and try the 1911 clip in the jhp 45 today. it worked great. had to adjust the notch a little more. it fell out after two rounds, :oops: so had to make it a little bigger, but it worked fine after that. sorry guys I dont have a camera.
  2. better edit it and say mag instead of clip before someone roasts you :roll:

  3. Yeah the MPOA (Magazine Purists of America) will be hounding ya. LOL! OK, you need to get a camera or make a drawing with more descriptions. What manufacturer, measurements, diagrams, you know, rocket science stuff...
  4. sorry guys, I dont have a clue about the brand of the mag. it was a old 1911 I bought at a gun show back when I had a 1911. since I dont have a 1911 any more and wanted to see if I could make the mag work in my JHP 45 ..... well you get the idea.
    I put the two side by side and saw that they were close so I just went to work to make them match. I have a torch so heating and bending the notch out was easy after I cut the slot to the same size. it is in the right place so just cut the bottom out to make it the same width as the hi point. used a screw driver to shape the ridge on top of the notch. I heated it with the torch and lifted it edge up to match the hi point.
    oh, and I glued a piece of 1\2 inch rubber to the bottom of the mag so it would stick out of the well and be easier to slap in and pull out. It works great
  5. What is a clip? :lol:
    signed MPOA VP
  6. Did you know that George H.W. Bush is president? Huh? You mean he isn't? You say George W. Bush is president? Same person, one name is just older even if H.W. isn't accurate. It doesn't matter if they are two separate people because it is ok to be mistaken. Everyone knows what I mean. Only jerks are correct and accurate.
    signed MPOA translator :lol:
  8. Now if I could find better mags for the 40!!!!!
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    Walk around in socks while calling them "shoes" and see if people make fun of you. I'm sure only the a-holes like us will. :)
  10. I like your new pair of tube shoes. very nice. do they match your sweat shoes.
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    Thanks for the Idea I will have to head by the Mil surplus store next payday!