45 extractor question

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by ichthyo, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. ichthyo

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    I took my 45 to the range and for the first time had several fte. I got home and cleaned the gun and decided to cycle some spent cases and watch as the slide was pulled back. The extractor lets go well before the case hits the firing pin. It doesn't grip the rim tight at all.

    I know that is much different than full speed and force when a round fires, but is this normal for slow movement? Should the extractor grasp the rim tightly?

    I know, might be time call Mom.
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    What ammunition were you using?
    What type of FTE did you experience?
    How many rounds did you shoot and how many FTE's did you have?
    Did the weapon have FTE's for anyone else who may have shot it?

    You haven't given enough information for anyone to really assist you.


  3. ichthyo

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    I shot about 25 rounds. I've never had a limp wrist problem before and have a very strong grip and wrist.

    About half the rounds didn't eject and the old case and new round were caught in the slide.

    It was Federal, but they were my buddies and I don't have the box. I had shot that ammo with him before with no problems.

    Nobody else shot it.

    I guess I'll get some ammo and try again. If it continues I will send it Mom.