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    I'm just noodling around here. The continuing popularity of the 1911 platform in .45 ACP and the ability of any +P rated 45 to fire .450 SMC has had me thinking about +P rated 1911. But if I were to do this, somtime in the not-too-near future, I realize that I prefer something a little bit lighter than a 1911 and I've decided that I don't think thumb safety these are what I would prefer in a carry pistol.

    So here's some of the things I would be looking for. Single stack, six or seven capacity (+1). 45ACP +P rated. No thumb safety. Smaller than a g19. Maybe something like the LC9 or a little bit larger like about the size of my R51. no exposed Hammer. Doesn't matter if it's striker or shrouded or concealed Hammer just not exposed. No crappy heavy trigger. Let's put a budget on it up around $450 or so. Maybe more if I thought it was worth it. Preferably not too heavy. All steel if I have to but I wouldn't mind poly or aluminum frame.

    So what do you think? What fits the bill?

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    If you are insisting on the price cap, I'd recommend the Kahr CW45 or S&W M&P Shield. Those are in the 6+1 category. If you get a wild hair and decide to go up a bit, I'd recommend the G36. I'd recommend a G30 as another alternative if you wanted to go outside the price range, too, but you might find the grip's width to make it less than ideal for carry in some circumstances, compared to the narrower grip of the G36.
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    My choice would be / is the KAHR CW45. I had a 40 Shield, was going to trade it in on the 9 Shield then wrapped my hand around this and never looked back. IMHO, on a scale of 1 to 5, both the Shield and the KAHR are a 5.5! I honestly chose the KAHR because of caliber. Even though I am trying to make the 9mm my primary semi-auto pistol cartridge, there is just something about the 45 acp that is just hard to let go of. America Baby! I have handled the 45 Shield and like it almost as well as the KAHR. I would be happy with either one.

    My KAHR in a MTR Custom Leather Dual Carry holster set up for OWB. The 2" Hanks Concealed Carry belt for reference. 6+1, 7+1 with the extended magazine. Comfortable carry, lightweight and handles recoil very well.

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    Maybe stop being a puss?? Carry a 1911 like a real man. [​IMG]
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    I would except...

    I don't like the thumb safety for CC.

    Now, the truth is that if I were willing to take the extra time to absolutely ingrain the extra step of flicking off the thumb safety, then a 1911 is not only "fine," it's pretty darn good.

    But I'd rather spend that traintng time on something else.

    I've got a decent 1911. Heck I CC'd a CZ52 which has the same cocked-n-locked, exposed hammer, type of system. But I've made the decision for myself that my carry pistols will not have a thumb safety (or will one that is not required).

    If someone else was considering it carrying a 1911, I wouldn't tell them that they shouldn't. What I would tell them is to dry fire and do "dry" presentations over and over until flicking that safety off is an ingrained and 100% unconscious part of the movement; so much so that they try to flick the thumb safety off on Glocks and revolvers when shooting them.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I have a Springfield XDs in .45 cal. It's the original version with the very aggressive grip texture. I put the talon rubberized panels on it. (I like the grip on the newer Mod. 2 version much better) There are three sizes of mags available, 5, 6 and 7, I usually have the 6 round mag inserted, loaded with HST rounds.

    I like a 4-5 lb trigger and mine came in at 7 lbs so I installed a $20 PRP spring kit that lowered things down to a manageable 5.5 lb. The pistol is very thin and has reasonable "heft" to it when loaded (thanks to the 230 gr rounds).

    While the manual doesn't specifically say anything about +p ammo it simply says to use commercially available ammo and there is commercially available +P defensive ammo.

    This is the time of the year that SA typically has a special deal on pistols in the form of free mags + some other stuff. As I recall, a couple of years ago I got 4 free mags and a crappy paddle holster for my XD SC Mod.2 9mm.

    It shoots well. I remember comparing it to my LC9s once by having the XDs in one hand and the LC9s in the other hand and alternating shots. The difference isn't that much due to the heavier XDs and the slightly longer grip of the 6 round mag.

    I don't carry it often anymore cuz I have a P365 which is only about .4 inch shorter, same width, a bit lighter but has 12 rounds vs 6. I like the feel of the XDs in my hand better than the P365, mainly cuz of the bigger grip. I like the P365 feel better than my LC9s just as a point of reference.

    The XDs is most often "my go to the door" pistol.

    (I remember not buying a SA years ago cuz of the grip safety. Now I have two SA models with the grip safety and have never...in about 4500 rounds fired..had any kind of issue with the safety or anything else.)
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    I prefer to carry pistols with thumb safeties on the frame. It's training, training your body to do it. It's natural. We bring our thumb down, to make a fist. So, it's natural to draw and press the thumb down.

    Not a big fan of safetyless (sorry, Publik Skool) carry. I have, I carry a Sigma at times BUT it's like a high capacity double action revolver....in my pants, pointed at my junk SO, I'm okay with a heavy trigger pull. THOUGH I don't like how long it is. The longest time in my life was when I HAD to shoot someone with my Beretta and it SEEMED to take forever for that trigger to break. I was thinking "MAN, is this thing ever gonna go off"...right before it did.
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    Yup....there is something very comforting about carrying a 45ACP. I carry a Kahr CT45 with an IWB holster. Easy to conceal and easy to handle recoil at the range. Trashie thinks it looks like a hair dryer...lol !!!
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    Dang! Did you just call me a puss???
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    Comforting indeed!!!
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    Can I have my man card back?
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  14. I really wanted the Springfield XDS in .45 when it first came out. Or a Glock 36. For some reason known only to God I bought a Glock 30SF.

    It's a brick of a pistol and not a practical carry gun for me. YMMV.

    With that said, it's been 100% reliable and it rides comfortably in my truck console 365 days a year. I will never sell it.

    But greg_r honestly has me looking at the KAHR. If I can think of one handgun that he has consistently praised over and over it's been his KAHR. And he's bought, shot, and forgotten about more pistols than I'll ever remember.
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    The main reason I bought a Kahr CT45ACP is a local Police Officer and friend of mine carries one off duty. That's a pretty good recommendation.
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  16. I've heard the same thing for many years about cops carrying a KAHR for backup.
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    Me too?

    wheelies-406.jpg [.45LC SAA top, .357 Mag bottom]


    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Only if you carry it 1 day a week
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    No you cant have your card back. You started this shit. With all your whinning.

    Damn ninja and all ya do is whine about your recoil sensitive ass.

    Go break some boards with your eyelashes or something
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    My vote is for the XDs as well. No thumb safety. Has Grip safety and trigger safety, tactile loaded chamber indicator and in my experience very reliable with all factory and reloaded ammo I have tried. I have owned 2 of them (still own one) along with about 6 other Xd models in 9mm and 45.
    I have never hesitated to carry mine in condition 1. I don't conceal cuz i'm fat, but the Xds is small enough to if you like. It's smaller than the Kahr.
    I put HandleIt grip tape on mine. It is much more comfortable to shoot than the "gernade" grip texture. The mod 2 is great, but the grip is a tad fatter.
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