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    Been away a long while and looking for advice. First is it worth a laser site? Also are the ones listed on hi point site quality? I only want to go out to about 25 yds. Just a passing thought about laser site, that's all. Second, are the 45 JHP Magazines interchangeable with carbine? Sorry if this is repeat subject, I mostly lurk and read don't post much. Thank you all.
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    Yes the magazines are interchangeable.
    Are the HP laser's quality?
    I'm sure you can find better ones, BUT, a laser on a JHP doesn't seem important to me. I have several lasers, and they sit in this one drawer taking up space. I wouldn't want to waste too much $$$ on a laser that will soon join the others?
    I would consider a flashlight for the nightstand JHP over a laser?
    I hope this helps?
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  3. mworley1

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    Yea I was just pondering it, the JHP is my goto pistol. I've been reading about Mahan sights, look interesting. I tried ghost ring and didn't like it. I like the flashlight idea, did you mount it on laser mount with ring?
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    I have several lasers, I didn't care for them. I have several flashlights & didn't care for them much either. I guess you won't know if you like it until you buy it. But if you spend $100 on one & don't like it, you will be REALLY MAD? If you only spend $45 and don't like it, you will just only be MAD!
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    The laser which came with my JHP (the small cylindrical one pictured on the JHP product page) is a POS. I have not tried another one on it yet. I see Hi-Point has been selling another laser (the TG LaserLyte Laser) but have not heard if it is good or not.
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    18 bucks, I saw that one too. Did you get it sighted in? At what range? I don't mind spending 18 or so on a chance it'll work or not. The laser that fits on the trigger guard looks like a great device but I am not sure about performance and durability. Anyone try that one yet?
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  7. i use it and have no problems but even for 18.00 its a good deal. if you don't like it your not out of much!
  8. $18?? Link please
  9. Oh and I have the .45 JHP and the 4595 carbine... 5 mags and all fit in both.. now onky thing I need is to find some 15+ or more mags... I hear people say not to buy pro mags for hi-points.., not sure why...
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    I have received 4-5 promags in HP gun trades & NONE of them ever worked!

    I once spent about $125 for 4 promags for a Taurus & NONE of them ever worked!

    I one other time spent $75 on 3 promags for a HP 4095 & NONE of them ever worked!

    Now I have heard the stories of new stock vs old stock But with the $$$ I've wasted on promags I could've bought a lot of HP mags?
    You don't have to BEAT this old horse, to prove a point!