.45 or 9mm HP pistol Tomb Raider style?

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    Sorry I keep breeching the idea of a longer barreled Hipoint for accuracy. Here is a picture of gun from the Tomb Raider Movie. I like how the added length to the barrel would not affect the slide at all on this setup.
    How hard could this be to add a 6" barrel for 9mm or 45? [​IMG]
    I would add that the front site would need taken off and added 2 " out further to aid in accuracy.
    Here's another gun outfitted with longer barrel from a movie: [​IMG]
    I'd love to dress my M9 up like that but longer barrels are nowhere.

  2. lol yes please, seriously.
  3. I want a 10'' barrel for my JCP40!!!! J/K the comp will get you a little more length.